Top 10 reasons geeks make better lovers.

This is not to say that normal guys can't make good lovers, but they are more likely to cause drama. Of course, I can't speak for all of my kind, but for the most part it's true.

Most geeks are kind and understanding.

This is because we understand when our girlfriend/boyfriend is feeling down and actually care.

We know how to be respectful.

Most geeks will not say rude things like "hey baby!" or do the attraction whistle.

We are willing to learn anything you want to teach.

It is very difficult for us to find a woman/man that is willing to put up with us, but when we do, we won't say no to your interests if you know what I mean.
As long as it's reasonable.

Geeks make better fathers/mothers.

Once we start having families, we actually spend time with the kids instead of sitting inside watching football all day.

We struggle at first, but eventually have more money.

Geeks are incredibly persistent when it comes to their goals and life, and are willing to do anything to achieve their dream.

We are willing to learn to perform better sexually.

This one mostly applies to men, but can apply to women too. Many guys who suck at sex don't bother to improve, but a geek is always to better himself, and sex is no different.

When tend to produce smarter children.

When we have kids, they often inherit of high intelligence and are much less likely to become problem children.

We tend to apply the things in our hobbies to real life.

I know this doesn't sound like a good thing, but it can be if you know what I'm talking about ;).

A geek will try his/her very best not to hurt you.

If this does happen, most of the time it is unintentional. We are willing to face are own mistakes and apologize rather than try to make it look like you are to blame.

Geeks will actually pay attention when you talk.

Some guys don't care about what you have to say, but we do especially if the talk is something we are familiar with.

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I love geeks cos I'm not geeky too .agree with all you say . Intelligence matters a LOT.
Where can I find a geek?
wild animal in bed* funny how this comment box can't be edited.
Given that geeks have this "experimental head", they might tend to be a wild animal bed like the typical guys do. :P
Yeah...but women prefer a wild animal in the bedroom not a tame puppy.

Sorry to burst your bubble.
All that sounds good...:)..
I just wonder if all that is possible to
tofind in the same person..
have a good day :)
Have you been inside my head recently laugh
I think this is funny! I would much rather be with a fun-loving "geek" than an self-infatuated jock any day of the week!
geeks are cooler because they are interested in things appart from themselves or gaudy designer bullshit , they are generally better and nicer people and more useful to society, and if they really wanted to just go to the gym and build a load of muscle become super nerds, im a total nerd but iv'e also done alot of un-nerd like things its possible to be both, i know a guy who is really cool but he never goes out he just plays games and watches star trek repeatedly where as id go out to bars get women go to a few house party's , run from cops, do all kinds of things ,then id watch star trek and play games, nerds should expand their boundaries then you can have both worlds then you can take the jocks women by sheer wit and intelligence mua haw haw
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Yeah, your right about that random, this was really more of a joke than anything. There are some geeks that are jerks too.rolling on the floor laughing I feel that we should all just get along and stop judging each other.
Interesting list though it seems that a lot of these points also apply to nice guys in general.

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