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What men say (and women think they hear)

10 Things Men Say And What Women Think When They Hear Them

HE SAYS: Hey, I've lost weight!

SHE THINKS: He wants to have sex.

HE SAYS: That dress looks nice on you.

SHE THINKS: He wants to have sex.

HE SAYS: Let's cuddle.

SHE THINKS: He wants to have sex.

HE SAYS: Baby, would you get me a beer?

SHE THINKS: He wants to have sex after a beer.

HE SAYS: What time is the game on?

SHE THINKS: He wants to have sex at halftime.

HE SAYS: What's your cousin's name again?

SHE THINKS: He wants to have sex with my cousin.

HE SAYS: Wow, President Obama's new policy is something, huh?

SHE THINKS: He wants to have sex with President Obama.

HE SAYS: Hey, where's the cat?

SHE THINKS: He wants to have sex with the cat.

HE SAYS: Look at that tree!

SHE THINKS: How can you have sex with a tree, you freak?

HE SAYS: Let's have sex.

SHE THINKS: Hey, I've lost weight!

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Can I just ask the girls please to make a serious response, unless they want to keep us guys in the dark. I'm dying to know! sigh
Hello how are you?
I liked your profile.

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In her spare time, I like the sport. I like skating and cycling.
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Until we find that it can become a reality.
I do not want to be alone, and waiting for your answer.

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I do not want to play games. I do not want to waste time.
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That's about forgot one...Want to go to bed now!!! She thinks...Sex? (He means cuddle...kiss)
You all slay me.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Venus and Mars all over again....laugh
lol that rite

Hmmm women seem to have a one track mind...and it isn't anything else. Great list. rolling on the floor laughing
Not every guy wants sex, there are some of us want company, fall in love with a nice girl, women don't have to be playthings.
from this her thinking she sounds like a very submissive woman, which is very good for a relationship, however she should try to prepare a list of what they think the man say if the words are said after sex. can somebody help us prepare top list of a thing a woman wo
uld say for men to interprete as asking for sex. A woman once told me that some women enjoyed being rape,d4 if a woman says no what does she means?
Who thinks about sex most of the time? Men or women? confused
I once had a woman tell me that we men think about sex every fifteen seconds. Up until she said that, I hadn't thought about sex for at least a week. That's another reason I'm so glad to be a frog - you human males have it rough, and the human females definitely aren't making it any easier on you. Ribbit-t-t (SPLASH)tongue
I'm with you iceprincess39 and buffy327,sex is good exercise in mind and body :)...enjoyable!nice thoughts!
classic rolling on the floor laughing
laugh That's right most men are thinking about sex 24-7
Yours was funny rolling on the floor laughing

My thoughts:
1. For what or (who)?
2. Finaly he realises what he has
3. Cuddle? Ok, that's it?
4. Macho
5. He is own self again
6. What? What you want from her?
7. I like Obama's policies
8. I love, him, he cares about his home cat
9. Sure, it's beautiful
10. Wrong approach but is ok.

laugh hug
You're saying she's wrong?

(that's my mischievous look)
where do they get this shit from?
for 1- he believes he is macho!
for 2 - he wants dinner!
for 3 - he is cold!
for 4 - he does not want to leave his sofa!
for 5 - he wants me to turn on the TV!
for 6 - starting alzheimer?
for 7 - he feels governing the world!
for 8 - he thinks i do not take good care for household!
for 9 - he think i do not care for garden!
for 10 - FINALY!!!!!
well ,,my opinion,,,I do not think all what you said about ,the sentences the man says,,the woman understands that ,he wants sex!!!!

so,,what about ( what women say and what men think they hear??
I think what men hear will be horrible things,,that will go crazy at the end handshake
If I am having a beer, I am usually with my mates and I definitely don't want sex with them. Not every male is after sex all of the timehead banger , we do like a night or 2 off each year.confused
funny stuff
laugh Viva la difference !!
bouquet I do like haveing sex. But banana after 30yr.s old if i had sex more than 3 times a day, It works like a "drug" that will relax my nerves, massage my spine, and gentally put me into a deep, deep, S L E E P. bouquet
I like sex without beer
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing they want sex and beer 99.5 % of the time
this is so funny.. i was so upset but this made me laugh as hell.. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing applause
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I agree Iceprincess, we must all take responsibility for our thougths, and What's wrong with that???LOLapplause applause
Everybody has got sex on their minds,most of the time..Lol,,,not just guys.:)
rolling on the floor laughing thats really a good one...applause
sounds like the women have sex on the mind more than us chaps ha
Nah. Guys want sex a lot, but if they tell you they want a beer, they probably do.
Absolutely correct! rolling on the floor laughing
lol.......not all.....
Nine times out of ten, she's probably right! lol
Nini times out of ten, she's probably right! lol
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