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Two dirty words... Progressive Rock...'but i like it..

In an age when it was OK to be not just proficient on your instrument it was positively encouraged, giant musical athletes gave us some of the most exciting and challenging music of any generation then or now..."welcome back my friends to the show that never ends"...prog rock, a 10 point plan...

Emerson Lake and Palmer.

kieth emerson, formerly of the nice. greg lake,formerly of king crimson. carl palmer, formerly of the crazy world of arthur brown... talk about...Brain Salad Surgery - stunning HR Gieger art work, the band at there creative peak... dont mention...Love Beach - contractual pig swill in any language... various reformations have been reasonably well recieved, though toned down...


english whimsy and poetry from the halls of charterhouse public school gave us one of the most endearing of progs old guard...gabriel, rutherford, banks and anthony phillips, whos song writing came to the attention of jonathan king ( una paloma blanca anyone? ) eventually led to a deal with the then newly formed "famous chraisma label" about...The lamb lies down on broadway - double concept with added "Enossification" ( brian eno)...dont mention... anything post steve hacketts departure...

King Crimson.

down dorset way, robert fripp (the mechanic) had a cunning plan...after "the cheerfull insaities of giles, giles and fripp" he would gather together a band who would leave a hyde park audience open mouthed in dismay as to what they had heard, it was of course "in the court of the crimson king", there reputation for musical virtuosity has spanned fo 40 about...larks tongues in aspic - fripp, wetton ,muir, bruford, cross, pre-eminant line up...dont mention...dissbanding after "red" (original members were set to rejoin, but fripp closed crimson down.....WHY?. )

Gentle Giant.

portsmouth brothers, the shulman,s, had a 60s hit with a pop ditty called "kites"... later feeling the urge to strech there musical muscles formed one of progs "most articulate" bands drawing on a vast arrey of musical influences dating back to 16th centuary ballads and reels, while still covering all the rock and fusion bases...just about as musically eclective as it was possible to about... gentle giant live, its available in chunks on "you tube"...just amazing all killer no filler...dont mention, going back to civvy street and turning there backs on live performance....


like the little girl with the curl, when they wrere good they were very very good, whan they were bad they were awfull, thankfull, "fragile, close to the edge, and relayer" more than made up for the drek that was tales from topograpic oceans...various lineup changes have kept yes musicly viable and provided interesting side about...relayer- the patrick moraz debut, and only yes recording...dont mention...T.F.T.O...


rather handy guitarist and studio whiz kid, todd rundgren formed performance band utopia after a sucessfull early 70 "tamla-esque" career ( by that i mean big phil spector type productions) roger powell, then a demonstrator for ARP syntesizers, kazim sultan on bass, john" willie" willcox on drums, rounding off with todd on guitar..the band carried 4 vocals any one of which could do lead... possibly one of progs finest harmony acts... talk about...Ra, the essential prog concept, singring and the glass guitar... dont mention...adventures in utopia, very weak in comparison to main body of work, listen and be your own judge...

Van der graff generator.

the most aquired of tastes, centered around the not inconsiderable talents and writing ability of Peter Hamell, VDGG were probibly the darlings of the prog rock thinkers elite... lyrics were obscure, music had distinct jazz and "muzique concrette" leanings, at its most accessable VDGG was a force by itself, robert fripp guested on pawn hearts about...godbluff - a great jump point for the uninitiated... dont mention...still life...a lack of ideas from a spent band....shame!.

Marillion and I/Q.

A double dip into british "neo progressive"...every one knows "Keilegh", but marillion had 3 sizzling albums before doing a genesis and going "prog lite"... seek out "script for a jesters tear"...upon "fish" leaving marillion all but gave up the promise of being the heirs apparent to the neo prog movement... thank goodness then for IQ, for around 25 years these boys (now men of course) have ploughed a furrow straight and true delivering some of the most accessable prog in the business, i defy you not to like what you hear...

Spocks beard.

neo prog fans will need no introduction to "the beard"...drummer nick di vergilio drummed for genesis on there final studio album, neil morse, principal song writer, brother alan morse on guitar, dave meros on bass and ryo okamoto on keys...wearing there influences on there sleves with pride, all prog that went before was grist to the spocks beard mill, and better they were for it...beard music really captures the excitment of rock with the musical dexterity of about...the first five albums...dont mention...when neil morse found god....

those who should be observed....

without good reason, keep an eye on these cheeky chappies...porqupine tree.. threshold.. jadis.. magellan (i cant believe i didnt have them in the top10)..platypus..transatlantic..arena..the flower kings..paralell or 90 degrees..prog is not dead, it just had a haircut and put on some dark glasses...good thing too...

you may or may not agree with the above selection, lets hear your contributions....all the best LZ..

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Well the names are mostly familiar but the music for the most part isn't..

A good effort to popularize the best of the genre to newbies and good to get heads up on some of the new pretenders to the throne...
Where Pink Floyd not considered Prog Rock back before dark side?
Looking forward to a top ten albums in similar vain..

Good one LZ

thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
No Rush?

It's not a valid list.
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