Things I dislike in a CS profile

Creating and editing a profile is not much of a hassle, it's actually quite easy and not very time consuming. Even if you couldn't be bothered to amend or update your profile today, there's always tomorrow, no? - apparently not. So here are 10 things which I personally dislike about people's profiles (note that I am not referring to anyone in particular, in fact I noticed several cases of each both in my country and abroad.

“I want money!”

Yes believe it or not I have come across profiles of women clearly stating that they want a rich guy just because he's rich. Couldn't care less about the person himself. Basically I want something from you, I have nothing but baggage to offer, if you're not rich do not contact me! WTF?! Who the hell would want to be with such a person anyway?

Lack of info

Ah yes the lack of info, something I encounter quite often. Now ladies if you haven't said much about yourselves, or nothing at all, how on Earth can any one start a conversation with you? Or besides your looks, how can one be interested in you? I mean if you receive an email from somebody who only knows how you look; you know he's probably seeing you as a piece of meat to spend the night with, don't you?

Saying the obvious

"I hate liars" "I love to laugh" REALLY!? I love how liars use me to take them out and buy them stuff, and I really hate laughing because it gives me a headache! Here's a suggestion try and seperate yourselves from the masses. You can always tell someone about how you've been hurt when it's the right moment, and not scare people away by how you've recently been hurt and that you're not completely over it.

Spelling mistakes

I know this sounds stupid or irrelevant but it just bugs me. As I had said earlier: it doesn't take much to edit your profile so why not fix your mistakes? Having a profile full of mistakes just shows that couldn't be bother to do something which only takes a minute to do. (Not a good sign) or that you are totally unaware that you have misspelt something (which is usally an everyday word) and therefore you lack brains.

Women who are men, no I’m not talking about TS

Some people are just plain stupid! Ok so this is what happens sometimes: a man who is not a trans and is straight marks his gender as 'female' therefore when browsing through female profiles a guy's profile comes up =/ now again, we all do mistakes but seriously fix it!

Philosophical profiles

This is a rare scenario but it happens: Ever encounted a profile that has something written, in perfect English, yet in your mind you're saying wtf is this all about? I mean you should be writing something about yourself and your ideal match, not some jargon that only you know what you're on about.

Lack of relevant photos

CS recommmends to have a photo of yourself to get more attention. However some of us, including myself, hate having photos of themselves taken so what do some of us do? We put photos of things which are irrelevant such as sunsets, animals, flowers, cartoons etc. Does it catch one's attention? Maybe, therefore it could catch the same amount of attention as a photo would but, it could and I emphasise on could, send out a wrong message: "I'm lame"

Not single/Not looking

The site is called connecting singles, if you're not single why are you here? To meet new people? Are you serious? Surely there has to be another way other than a dating site. Is there?

Too many emoticons

Why do people find it necessary to transform their profile into a christmas tree? Sure emoticons can brighten a dull profile but enough is enough, having three of them for each sentence is just ridiculous. I personally interpret that as a sign of immaturity.

Region and city don’t match up

Some people out there are not very good when it comes to geography. They would state that they're from a particular town, or city but in a different region. To explain myself here's a general example I made up. Someone who is from New York, California =/ (New York is not in California) I just find it annoying, don't know why but it does.

Take the time to look at your profile, if you're not bothered why should anyone else be?

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I agree with the list.

To add this, I try not to say what or who I 'hate.'

I do like upbeat profiles. Even if they are brief, I like ones while tend to show kindness and being easygoing.
Lack of info. no photo or photo with sunglasses or hat
I have to agree with spelling mistakes. The really annoys me too!!
I agree with a few of your points.

ConnectingSingles is a dating/frienship building site. We present ourselves to the world of CS to try to find someone that wants to get to know us better for a multitude of reasons.

Personally, I am tired of being alone and I am looking for a personal, intimate and connective relationship that will result in meeting and eventually sharing lives together.

I have completely filled out every spot in my profile that can be edited with as much accurate information as possible. It never occurred to me to lie. It might be easier to get responses if I included some socially acceptable keywords but I am looking for honest so I feel I must be honest as well.

I am intelligent and have gained some hard wisdom over my years and I have learned to accept that most people are not quite as intelligent or wise. I forgive spelling mistakes. I understand emotionally charged pleas for understanding and connection. I realize that most have no idea how deluded they actually are.

One thing that might help us to understand women's profiles and reasons why or why they did not include things is to understand what they have to deal with from the average man on a dating site. Men in general are vulgar to women. Some women like getting talked to and treated like that but the women I want are beyond that low self-esteem need for superficial praise. If you are in doubt, ask any woman on here how many messages did it takes for a man to start talking about sex with them. I'll bet the number is under 10 messages. It is because we are men and we see women as mating partners. Women are social animals. They look for quality not quantity. They already know sex is vital to a relationship and we force them to put aside what is important for them to address what is important to us and it puts them off. Thus, they fill out poor profiles in the hopes of weeding out some of the worst wackos.

As for profile dislikes: Contradictory information; Inaccurate Photos and Bare Statistics are red flags for me.
Ha ha I think we too were borne with zhe same mined

(LOL joke with the spelling)
Excellent commentary, especially the point about people that don't provide anything but generic,uninspired information about themselves that tells the reader of their profile absolutely nothing!

Personally I don't have a photo posted for the following reasons:

Most photos don't give you an accurate impression of how somebody will actually look in person.

So many photos are unclear or the person is wearing sunglasses,why even bother.

It's been my recent experience that the vast majority of posters falsify their true age--- if they're in their 40's they'll shave a few years to place them back into the 30's category,etc.

These hypocrites have the gall to insist on honesty in a mate and characterize themselves as being honest!!!

I'm not on here for dating,only friends/hang out.

Even without a photo on my profile an amazingly attractive woman
sent me a flower and wanted to get to know more about me.

I replied back to her, that I thought that she is very pretty,but
we were out for different types of connections.

She was looking for a soul mate to marry and all I want is to make some new friends.

Great post, really enjoyed reading it.
Well, i would like to say I totally agree with this post. I would like to make just one comment

We harvest what we sow

Meaning, if one is looking for money or greencard, i'm sure one uggly looser will provide her the passport to occident in exchange of a few shag with a beautiful Filipino woman. He will get what he cannot get anywhere else, and she will too.

Uncompleted profiles.... Same thing. As you said, she'll get someone only interested by how good she looks.

Finally, all what you don't like on CS is actually working well, it is our 1st filter. You don't like typing mistakes, something missing, lying, looking for greencard or money, showing off boobs, anything. Don't get in touch.

Life is beautiful, and CS is fantastic thanks of these 10 thinks we don't like. It makes us save time
"usaly" misspelt love...grin
african scammers have some humoristic sens of geography !
african scammers have strange geographical knowledges !
I hate the "Iam an humble woman" or "just simple woman"..
yes okey Iam more in search of "brainiacs " !
number 8 really annoys the crap outta me too. I mean it is called connecting singles, why take up space for those of us who
want to actually find that special someone?
and yes the amount of gold diggers on here is outrageous, didn't know people could really be that shallow
A person who loves to laugh can be a person who has had a terrible life but chooses to find funny things and having fun to overcome the tragedies in life. I choose not to judge a person by simple likes and dislikes. It is the heart, thought, actions, & the spoken words that determine what the person is.
Excellent observations, couldn't have said it better myself...there might be a few more too, but you`ve got the basic ones.

I hate people who don't put their photos in, maybe a dog or landscape as their main photo...ladies...are you a dog, or visa versa...usually it is the female though. Sorry, I don't go for any object other than a person's photo.

On the whole excellent work, you get a first rate opinion and thanks from me.
someone from New-York california is a stupid scammer from ghana or nigeria mass producing fake profiles and having no notion of geography !
Its like u read my mind! Brilliant.
I hate it when someone comes on here to judge everybody else

I hate it when people look down their noses at other people

I hate it when people try to pontificate to everybody else

I hate people who think their way is right and everybody else is wrong

Anfd god forbid you make a spelling error

laugh cheers cheers dancing doh grin very mad cheers cheers barf heart1 heart beating purple heart heart wings lips beer mumbling thumbs down thumbs up angel devil blues crying cheering applause conversing sleep wink blushing banana head banger wave doh grin very mad cheers gift heart1 heart beating purple heart heart wings lips

Ive got f*ck all on my profile and I still get dates !!!

you need to get out more mate wave
There is a test on here about profiles. I took it and got a 92%, so maybe I missed acing it because I chose to put a picture of a frog on my profile. But, there's a reason for that - I actually AM a frog! Ribbit-t-t-t (SPLASH)
very mature comments fabsie and you are right, i think i put in too little info.feel free to check my profile and offer comment. you are a very switched on lad!What do you think of using star signs and chinese horoscopes for finding partners?
You have a good point here, and I completely agree with you. Better take care of our profiles, cause we are introducing ourselves, and the better we are dressed the better the impression. It is worthwhile taking pains and spending more time on our profiles, if we are serious and are really looking for a match. You've done a great job, for which I thank you very much.
Dear miss American woman (felixis99), in British English, that is proper English, one can say misspelled or misspelt (with a double s laugh (look who's laughing now)). Please find below a link to an online dictionary provided by the University of Cambridge:

For the record: it's spelt with a double s in both American and Britsh. If you Americans find English a language too hard, I suggest you should get your own, and not mess up someone else's by tryng to 'simplify' it.

it's a pretty good list, but fabsie in English we say (and spell it) m-i-s-p-e-l-l-e-dlaugh
You know usually I am not interested in profiles without photos but I have made 2 exceptions so far, and I wasn't disappointed. Instead of not replying you could alays just tell them that you wish to see a photo first, but the problem is: what do you do if you don't like what you see?


It just better to make that clear on your profile I guess., and if someone contacts you without a pic; that just means they did't read your profile - and therefore doesn't deserve a reply.
Lack of photos.

I don't reply to people who has no photos in their profiles.
I'd like to thank the Irish ladies for their nice comments... why am I getting so much attention from Ireland? laugh Not because I have a problem with Ireland, it's just that Ireland is way up there and Malta is way down here.laugh
l think the list hits the nail on the head
well said honey!! this has to be my top top 10!! wink
Extremely hard actually..ah no of course not. Glad you like ithandshake
Excellent! You see? Was that so hard? This is why I get ticked off when I see a lack of effort in one's profile; because there's no excuse. Anyway - yes, I like it yay
Check it out fabsie. Well what do you I getting the hang of this whole CS thang?
Well thank you! I have had a few guys get in touch that are obviously just looking for sex and I think that the lack of personal info may be contributing to this. Will certainly be taking your advice. Take care
Thanks Penelope for your kind comment kiss I've read your profile and believe me compare to others I've seen, it's like a thesis so dnt worry. You said you're new to the site so: WELCOME! If a profile is new and has little info, i understand that but there are folks out there who have been on the site for quite some time and have never bother to improve it.

Here's a little suggestion for your profile: add what are your interests or what you like doing, it would make it easier for guys to start a conversation.
Brilliant list! Agree with all points, although I am without doubt guilty of violating the "too little info" point, but I think thats just because I'm new to the site and not quite sure of of myself yet.
Ok, first of all I didn't say "I love to laugh" means I want money.

Second, I never said that the country isn't full of wonderful people.

Third, I never mentioned spam, and if you hate spam - you're not the only one believe me.

Fourth, I am not against emoticons; i just think that too much just looks silly but, yes a smiley brightens a dull email/profile etc. (As I had said)

Fifth, there is nothing wrong with a spelling mistake but the fact that your profile is always there and you lg in regularly, I'm sure that you have noticed it - so why not fix it?

I don't know about you ladies but personally whenever I've realised I made a mistake I simply fix it. Unless it insignifican and too much of a hassle to do so (which in this case it isn't.
We are not actually typing out a CV for a job interview here, and what if spelling mistakes are made? to me it's not a life or death situation.

Yes, a profile is the first port of call, and should give out some information about a person, but if it's perfect, then the personality of that person may not shine through.

I agree with the photos part though. A face photo does go along way in my book in looking for a potential "partner".

Quit being so picky?

I love to laugh, doen't mean I want money. Who cares if you misspell a word. County is full of wonderful people, though I do hate that spam mail. I say go with the flow....if we were all out for perfection, none of us would get a date. hug And I think the little smiley guys are cute. Adds a bit of humor and I know it always puts a smile on my face seeing one in my email.
Anyhow, this isn't a hate comment. Just my thoughts.teddybear
Any suggestions people? if so please do share...we can always amend the list and who knows may we will start seeing better profiles!
Great list. I can relate.
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