Hunting Dogs: Top 5 Breeds

Hunting Dogs Top 5 Breeds
Hunting is a favorite pastime for man and dog. It is a time for bonding and fellowship, and provides a sense of accomplishment. Not all people enjoy hunting. Similarly, not all dogs love to hunt. There are certain breeds of dogs that have been bred to hunt over hundreds of years. Other dogs simply possess talents hunters find useful, such as tracking and swimming. While many dogs can hunt, there are certain breeds that are better suited for the activity. Here is a list of the top 5 breeds of hunting dogs.


Athletic and loyal, this dog breed was bred originally to hunt big game. It is now used to hunt birds and small game. Once they are taught, Weimaraners make wonderful swimmers. They even have webbed feet to help them paddle.

Golden Retriever

This breed tops the list as the best all-around dog. Not only is a golden retriever a great family dog, it is also a skilled hunter. It's loyalty, responsiveness, and agility make it a superb hunting companion.

Cocker Spaniel

Because of their smaller size, Cocker Spaniels do not typically come to mind when thinking of hunting dogs. In fact, the Cocker is a great hunter. They have a fabulous sense of smell and can learn to point fairly quickly.


The Brittany is another dog breed that makes a great hunter as well as a family pet. They crave exercise and love to learn. No dog learns faster than the Brittany. Their mind and athletic agility are perfect for hunters.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

This breed also makes the perfect hunter. It loves the water, loves the great outdoors, loves to exercise, and loves to learn. If you think you like to hunt, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever loves it twice as much.

Most hunting dogs listed also make wonderful pets and family companions. The hunting dog should be treated as an addition to your family, not a dog that gets locked up in your yard until hunting season. If your dog loves to hunt, he craves love even more. The more you love your dog, the better the hunter he will be. A happy dog wants to please his owner. Treat your dog right, and he will reward you on your hunting excursions.

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Hunting is primitive behaviour . Hunt, yes if you need to in order to survive but not for sport as do people in the amaxon jungle for instance ..How is killing any creature enjoyable ? . Any man in a modern society who finds pleasure in killing animals is revolting in my eyes and most likely dangerous .I know people who hunt and kill wild animals and they are all horrible people who would kill a human too if they could get away with it . Not surprisingly it's a known trait in sociopaths / psychopaths that they derive pleasure from killing animals and also torturing them in childhood . If a man hunts and kills wild creatures for sport I'd say have nothing to do with him or youll regfet it as he lacks empathy is hard as nails .
Not every dog makes a good hunter, a lot depends on what you are hunting. The dogs listed here are all bird dogs, and for the most part are pretty good. For hares or fox you would want a trailing type dog. I have dogs that tree game, everything from squirrels, to mountain lions and bears, or even people at times. In Germany they keep their dog on a leash until the hunter finds the game he is after. To me that is hog wash, my dog is free cast and knows what i,m after. If i,m having to find the game myself i don,t want the dog in my way. A good dog is a good dog where ever it is, it just needs to be bred for its purpose.
I doubt any of those would make the top 5 in the UK/Europe!
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