My Top10 Turn-Offs on a First Date

My Top10 Turn Offs on a First Date
So you’ve mastered the basics: you weren’t late and you didn’t try to grope me in the first ten minutes. You get a gold star. But…there are still a few areas that could use improvement. If you can avoid my top ten list of turn-offs, you may just score that second date.

Picking your nose

No, really, go right ahead. What could I possibly be saying that could be as fascinating as the contents of your nostrils?

Snarling at wait staff

Listening to you berate a flustered server for omitting the raisins on your spinach salad makes me wonder how you’d treat me if I stepped out of line.

Knocking me down to open the door

And they say real gentlemen don’t come cheap. Thanks for holding the door open, but next time could you not punch me in the face to get to it?

Fiddling with your cell phone

Wow, your cell phone is oh-so fancy, with internet access and a 10-megapixel camera! Good for you. Will you put the damn thing down already?

Adjusting your crotch

Not really sure how men are allowed to graduate from high school without learning this. Quick refresher: Don’t grab your bits in public. Just don’t.

Insisting on coming to my house

What, do you want to check out my pad so you can decide whether you’d rather seduce me here or at your place? I said, I’ll meet you at the restaurant.

Letting me make all the decisions

If I wanted to choose the restaurant, pick out our entire meal, and arrange an entire night’s entertainment, I’d go out by myself. Next time, I will.

Practicing “good listening skills”

Thanks for saying my name every four words, making sustained eye contact, and repeating my words back to me. It wasn’t too obvious or anything.

Being too formal

Wait, I thought we were just catching a quick coffee. Why are you dressed for the prom? And sure, the flowers are pretty…but you’re creeping me out.

Snatching the bill out of my hand

Ouch—I think you broke my nail when you grabbed the bill away from me. Can you just say, “I’ll get this,” next time? Oh wait—there is no next time.

If any of these items made you mutter, “I do that all the time—what’s the big deal?” then sorry, but no bananas for you. Try harder next time.

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I read this once for the laughs and then again to attempt to work out the type of person who might commit these dating crimes.
I'd guess that the writer scraped together her top ten from a variety of sources and maybe her own experience also.
However, in my opinion. If a woman finds herself on a date with a guy who does some or all of these things. Then its her own fault, for not weeding out the no hopers before they get to the dating stage.
On the subject of who gets the bill. The only fair way to do this is to 'go Dutch'.
In most cases a woman's earnings will be equal to or exceed a guy's, so if you really want to embrace equality ladies, you gotta take the rough with the smooth.
If there's obviously a huge disparity in income, that's different and goes both ways.
This sounds like an office get together and someone saying, "We MUST have ten points; ten things on the list. It doesn't matter how inane some are... We need ten"

Please please please- Good Listening Skills. I don't care if you're awkward at it- you"re trying! Tons of bonus points- NOT a common problem for women.

Knocking me down to open the door? My father did this because I walked faster than him. I find it very sweet & kind. Open the doors as much as possible fellas- manners & respect are hard to find.

Grabbing the check? Sure- I'll let ya. Especially on the first date. Again- signs of a gentleman.

& I have experienced both crotch grabbing & nose picking, albeit trying to be subtle about it. Okay- please just go use the bathroom- unless you would like me to do the same...........

Trying to make me laugh is also a good bet-

Let's hear it for the Gentleman out there! applause
would like to go on a date with you, it is ever so hard to find a man able to resist to check his crotch in every 5 minutes at least .
I have never been out with anyone (date or not) that picked their nose in public. Where do you meet these people? And really, these are your top ten dealbreakers? Raise those standards, girl; and a good thorough proofread never hurt anybody!
Chivalry is dead and women killed it; everyone is different and they will react differently.

My #1 turn off on first dates? an*l people with lists!
5. Adjusting your crotch! LOL I had to laugh on that one! I go commando and there are time I HAVE to adjust.
you forgot to mention :
having a heartbeat
being left-handed
being a member of the opposite sex
and many other very annoying traits
really now girls when will you take it easy?
Some of these "faults" were kinda nice. No wonder men are confused by women. laugh I can think of worse things for someone to do on a first date, so these would better fit the top 20 or 40 list, except the most obvious bad ones.
Judging by your ideas on men, I'm glad we never went for that FIRST date in the first place.
And NO, I've never done any of that on a first, second or tenth date. Maybe I'm unusual or maybe you have a knack for going out with jerks, I'm willing to bet it's the second.
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