My Top 5 Embarrassing Moments in High School and College

My Top 5 Embarrassing Moments in High School and College
There are those who have the most success of their life in high school or college. I was like the majority of people who find the young adult years awkward and not a strong predictor of the future. The most embarrassing moments in high school occurred because of my genuine lack of common sense and life experience. In college, I didn’t have an excuse.

Apples don’t drop; they fall

“Apples don’t drop; they fall.” This famous statement followed me throughout high school, and even our teacher had to laugh. I’m sure people still tell the story to their friends. Now my four-year-old has the problem of distinguishing between the usage of the verbs “drop” and “fall.” In the original context, our science class discussed Newton’s Apple and the laws of motion.

If you turn the steering wheel too far, will the wheels turn all the way around?”

“If you turn the steering wheel too far, will the wheels turn all the way around?” I was fortunate enough to take driver’s ed on two Saturdays. What was so important at the time was finding the answer to this important question. This type of embarrassment easily happens in a small school where students are encouraged to ask all of their questions.

My Dress Broke

The spaghetti strap of my dress broke in the middle of the first day of acting class. It was my birthday, and I never suspected that acting class would be so physical as to cause a wardrobe malfunction. This was at least 8 years before Janet Jackson’s disaster at the Super Bowl.

Late for my own wedding

I was 45 minutes late to my own wedding for lack of proper planning. The church was hot, and the guests were kind but bored. Being this late to your wedding is a potential outcome of trusting future relatives with important details. It is also an unexpected way to find out if your future spouse really wants to marry you.

Garter belt fell off

When the wedding ceremony finally began, I was soon embarrassed again in front of 100 people. I walked down to the front row to give a rose to my future mother-in-law. When I returned to the altar, it took me a couple minutes to understand why people were snickering. My bridal garter had fallen off and gotten stuck on the top of my shoe. Never count on a cool wedding venue, and don’t wear pantyhose under a floor-length gown.

If I learned anything from embarrassing moments, it is that once-in-a-lifetime events are so much more memorable than clichés.

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