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10 things to help you have a pleasant smell

The reason races smell differently is partly because what they eat. You are what you eat. Most of Koreans, Chinese and Japanese don't need deodorants.

1- Deodorant is not on this list.


2- Avoid Coffee, black tea, and alcohol.

Switch to green tea brewed in 80C for 5 minute. 8 cups daily. Japanese tea is the best.

3- Include green leafy vegetables in all your meals.

Breakfast too. Specially focus on celery. Do not overcook them You need the keep the green color.

4- Spices help.

Garlic, turmeric, pepper, and everything you can find. Try Korean and Chinese food.

5- Eat less canned food

Processed meats, and things that comes from a factory are bad. Anion is bad too.

6- Reduce your beef and red meat consumption.

Fish, , beans and soy products are good substitutes.

7- Drink plenty of water.

Dark yellow urine indicates your body lacks water to get rid of the poisons. Try to keep the discharge colorless. Wash you inside this way.

8- Do not eat refined sugar and any food which contains it.

Honey, dates, raisins and brown sugar are good substitutes.

9- Sleep 9 hours a day


10- There is no N0. 10 for you.

You have not yet tried the above 9 things seriously for one month. Get rid of the poison in your body and get rid of the cans of deodorant in your locker.Now.

To mask or hide a problem does not solve it. Solution must remove the cause of problem. Not the problem itself. I hope none of you ever need use deodorant before a date.

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What a great post....Wonderful thumbs up
Seeing that the diet of the Yellow Races produce the least amount of body odour, I suggest, in the tradition of your footsteps, that also these foods are odour-reducing:

1. Steamed rice

2. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

3. Deep fried food

4. Deep fried cockroaches

5. Snake steak

6. Reclaimed and Rerprocessed innertubes esp. Szechuan.

7. Tapeworm Sushi

8. Raw fish

9. Egg foo young

10. Super some yom guy.
Interesting and informed list...thumbs up

cool :)))I prefer a smell of testosterone better than the men with smell of seagrass:))))cheering doh
Excellent !!!You are right ! handshake
Asia man ur are right at ur analysis.
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