Top 5 Classic Reads

Top 5 Classic Reads
There are some books that will just never fade away. If you’re looking to keep your mind entertained and active, but aren’t interested in slogging through novels of epic proportions, here are five books you need to put on your reading list.

To Kill a Mockingbird -- Harper Lee

A book that’s as entertaining as it is moving, this is a classic that never fails to stir the hearts and minds of those who read it. Deep issues like racism and injustice are seen through the eyes of a child, allowing readers to learn about the issues of the day along with her. You won’t want to leave this era in Alabama after finishing the book!

The Giver -- Lois Lowry

This book is a fascinating insight into a society where choices simply don’t exist. Residents are told their identities and roles in the communal society, and arguing or choosing one’s own path is simply unheard-of. Differences aren’t to be talked about, and even pain doesn’t exist. One person only, the Giver is responsible for holding the memories and secrets behind this society, and when a new Giver is selected, everything changes.

The Picture of Dorian Gray -- Oscar Wilde

What a cautionary tale of the dangers of vanity and corruption! Guilt, shame, and time itself play an integral role in the plot of the book, parts of which are just as relevant today as they were in century the book was written. This is a spellbinding read, sure to remind you to be careful what you wish for.

The Catcher in the Rye -- J. D. Salinger

This book isn’t comfortable reading, but it’s a fascinating insight into humanity. This book will make you think about yourself, the definition of insanity, and society’s norms and unwritten codes. This coming-of-age novel

Wuthering Heights -- Emily Bronte

Sometimes categorized as a romance, sometimes as an “anti-romance”, this book has a certain inexplicable appeal. It’s difficult to truly like or identify with any of the characters, but their dramatic interactions and very human characteristics make them engaging nonetheless. Like a train-wreck you see coming, you’ll find yourself wanting to finish the book just to see what happens.

Hopefully, these five books will inspire, amuse, engage, and touch you. If so, they’re only the beginning of a world of classics that aren’t just for high school literature classes.

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