Traits of beauty in a Woman

What are the characteristics that win you over to the love of a beautifull Woman. Lots of small details that add up to give a picture of beauty that is to be sought after.

Light Of Smile

Light up the day with a bright smile.

Joy of Laughter

A joyous laugh melts hearts

Warmth of Personality

A Warm personality brings out the same warmth in others.

Tone of Voice

Tone of voice can communicate Gentleness and warmth of presence and lightness of heart.

Gentleness of movement and Action

A beautifull Womans movement catches your eye and moves your heart.

Style of Dress

How She dresses Carries over personality and sense of beauty.

Sense of Fun

Someone who doesn't take life too seriously is always easier to be around.

Love of life

If She loves life that enthusiasm carries over to everyone she is with.

Appreciation of Beauty in others and in life

Beauty can be a delicate and graceous thing.

Depth of touch.

Presence in touch allows you to know that She is really meeting you.

All the Beauty and light that can make Woman Irresistable.

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Each one of us has our own beauty and the door to who we are needs to be opened in a way that will let us shine in such a way our real beauty is seen ,

can we be strong ...yes... can we have our own self esteem be confident and show our selfworth , yes of cause,

how do we gain that in our selfs ,by being who we are ,with out others trying to destroy us as we grow,

Beauty comes from within. It has to do with her personality and character. The way she dress and carries herself. Self-respect, selflessness, attitude....I think that`s what will tell whether a woman is beautiful or not.
What constitutes beauty in any woman usually has to do with the things such a woman keeps to be spied upon, to be desired and pursued after.

It could be any of the things listed above above or more. All men are not attracted alike but a man will be captured by the things that appears a wonder when he beholds them and such he must not be permitted to see all or take all or get all at a glance or in first is a beauty, per say, if he never gets it all.
beauty is countless, indescribable, unimaginalbe,
its everything in a person,

im not saying these things are false, im saying that you cannot limit beauty down to a list, beauty is everything that makes makes a woman exist, from body to personality, from smile to walk, its anything and everything, and its always different in every person, because their uniquness is a big part of their beauty to,
I do not think that I have a gentleness in my walk and all, I am a strong personality woman and confidant and often bold. Poor traits in a woman?
Mutual understanding & some sort of compromise from both ends increases the love towords women automatically.
I think the No.1 beauty in a woman is the way she carries herself. In the early 70's I met June Dally-Watkins who ran all those deportment schools in Sydney. Yes, I used to laugh at all those silly ads about it and continued to enjoy the sun, the surf and all those lovely bodies in bikinis on Cronulla Beach.

But June gave me an insight into beauty. She taught me (no, I didn't go to her classes, we had mutual friends) a few lessons during the times we met. Beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty can be in the carriage of a person. They way they sit, the way they stand, the way they walk. All body language but that was much after her time. But this was part of what she taught. The way a person talks also can be very attractive. Nothing worse than meeting a stunner who has a mouth that you wouldn't take home to meet mother.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Having grown up in the hippy era wanting long hair, and loving the beach with long blonde hair everywhere, my dark wavy short (because my father cut it) and having blue eyed blonde siblings seemed a curse and I was jealous. Any wonder I prefer long dark hair, on first sight. But it is only when you get to really know someone that you realise that it doesn't really matter what they look like as long as the feeling is mutual. And who cares what others think about the relationship. It is primarily self that matters.
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