Top10 Health Benefits of Meditation

Top10 Health Benefits of Meditation
Meditation results in an efficiency of mind and body that is beneficial to our health. The current economic situation is increasing our stress levels and our chances of illness. It is more important than ever that we find a way to neutralize these stresses and improve our health. Meditation can help us do just that. These health benefits of meditation are well researched and documented.

Reduces Stress

Meditation reduces mental and physical stress. This reduction of stress alone is the source of many of the health benefits of meditation. We all know the harmful effects of stress on our bodies. Let's face it, stress makes us sick, and the reduction of stress helps to heal these sicknesses. Lower levels of stress produce a lowering of blood pressure and a decreased risk of heart disease. Meditation has been shown to increase the blood flow in the body and normalize blood pressure.

Increases serotonin

Studies show that meditation increases serotonin production in the body. Low serotonin levels can cause depression, anxiety, s*xual problems, headaches, insomnia, and bipolar disorder. Increasing serotonin production can relieve or even cure these problems, reducing or eliminating the need for medications.

Renews Energy

Low levels of serotonin are also associated with obesity. Meditation renews energy and helps with weight loss. Consistent daily meditation will help the body to return to a normal ideal weight.

Enhances Immune System

Meditation has been shown to enhance the immune system, resulting in faster healing rates and a decreased risk of infections. Studies show that meditation results in an increase in antibodies used in fighting disease. Additionally, the benefits of reduced stress and a positive attitude have been shown to boost the immune system as well.

Helps kick addictions

Meditation has been shown to be beneficial in quitting smoking and kicking addictions to drugs and alcohol. In fact, meditation is more effective against addictions than counseling programs or prevention programs. Since the benefits of meditation continue long term for as long as the meditation is continued, long term success rates are similarly enhanced.

Controls Pain

Meditation helps in the control of pain, reducing the need for potentially addictive pain drugs as well. Meditation is recognized as a treatment to control the pain of arthritis and fibromyalgia and is being studied as a natural way to relieve chronic pain.

Lowers cholesterol

Meditation has been shown to lower blood cholesterol. According to the Journal of the Israeli Medical Association, cholesterol levels were lowered significantly in people practicing regular meditation.

Controls metabolic syndrome

Meditation helps control metabolic syndrome by stabilizing blood sugars, aiding in weight loss, reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. Metabolic syndrome is known to lead to diabetes, poor health, and premature death.

Better Air Flow

The controlled breathing techniques practiced in meditation allow better air flow into the lungs and easier breathing. While everyone can benefit from improved breathing techniques, results are most noticeable in those suffering from asthma. Meditation not only decreases the severity of asthma attacks, but it also decreases the frequency of attacks.

Reverses Ageing

Meditation reverses the aging process. Meditating before bedtime has been shown to result in better sleep and the increase of melatonin production during sleep. Lack melatonin is believed to be directly related to aging. Melatonin prevents damage due to oxidation and delays the process of aging. Meditation is a natural way to increase melatonin levels and gain the benefits associated with it.

In order to achieve these health benefits, daily meditation is required. Each person should find and practice the meditation techniques that work best for them. The health benefits of meditation are available free for everyone and everyone will benefit.

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