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top 10 scammers

woman scammers that i fell for and am still hurt by, after reading the scammers list it gave me better ideas on what to say to woman who give me there email right away, perhaps we all on top 10 list can help each other with advice and stories of what we have gone threw.

she gives or wants your email right away.

its ok to tell them thanks and ill put it in my contacts list while writing you there 1 time, but because ive gone threw stuff with emails for now we'll chat only on this site and if i feel you are a scammer i will not think twice to report you letting site know why i think you are one and to save others from being played and heart broken, im using a ps3 so only i.m chat works on singlefling site,

she wants to see you but needs help with bus fare.

this happened once to me, she wanted my help with her bus ticket and she said she had no phone, i wrote her saying something seems fishy you only give money to someone once you meet them in person, i got upset after not hearing from her in 5 days so i wrote her telling her shes a scammer and that im going to let website know, she wrote back saying im a bloody ediot for saying that shes done with me and that for me to tell whole world and website she tryd getting money from me and go be a cry baby, i wrote her apologising she wrote back saying sorry and how she likes me, so im not sure what to do im hoping shes not a scammer.

she gives you other website to see her at other then email

i have given woman my other info like myspace youtube my ps3 online name, but to go to a website that is free just like this or looks like you have to purchase credits i automatically stop writing her.

profilers vs scammers

because the illuminati secret societies elite control the world and media we are burdened by profilers who like to gather information on people and lable them something, example myspace facebook are free for a good reason athoe cia fbi try looking for predetors, keep in mind profilers sent by corrupted government try to find conspiracy theorst truth seekers and freedom activist, and others, if you have a woman constantly trying to get to know to much of you limit your info try to also get to know them, while im at it homeland security banned jesse vantera's fema camp show from airing on tv, my message to freemasons new world order illuminati go home and die.

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Now you guys got me thinking after I read about the scammers.So scary cause I received a lot of respond from different country even here in USA and they ask me my email add,I hesitate cause I fet like who is this person really asking if I can add them to my yahoo.How do I know if their real or not.I don't want to sounds like stupid here cause this is new to me.I guess its better to just leave this dating site and go old fashion dating.
Thanks for the info.This is scary.I think I'm just going to leave this dating site now and go old fashion way.Thank you for all the advice.Take care and goodluck to all of you.I haven't find onw yet here but if I stick around I know who to watch out for.
1st of all, there's No scamming involving giving someone an email address OR asking, even right away. One thing to say with SO MANY mistakes probably both Men And Women make is NOT USING COMMON SENSE. Unfortunately I have A LOt of experience with not only this site but POF, other misc ones. As of this very day, only on CS and ironically so, since there are indeed A Lot more scammers on CS. But guess what people - Thats the World we live in - Not just dating sites - one could get ripped off buying anything, doing anything. If you don't have common sense you'll be scammed NO matter what. But I'm here to Help, regardless this list being about Women scammers: You don't give Anyone, Anytime, Any money, ever, ever ever NO Matter what - #1 example of COMMON SENSE. #2 no other website other here except your email websites should be involved, its just not necessary. #3 If they don't answer Every Single question, which would be basic stuff - About Them As A Person - on an Emotional level, like your hobbies, your work, etc., and then just try to get more info., then they're probably a scammer. If you are for real, using common sense - And - instincts, you should know who's a fake - like the takes one to know one rule. #4 AND MAY BE THE BIGGEST COMMON SENSE - If they don't speak English And/Or write it well - THEN THEY ARE SCAMMERS. You can't be so desperate, gullible that'd YOU GO FOR THAT!!! #5 This next one applies to what I've experienced for the many mos.I've been back: Scammers are giving a Yahoo, in particular, email address either in 1st mail or 2nd, NOT to Email you there but to IM only. This is Primarily an adult age online dating site - therefore, if you want to go ahead and talk - then its called Phone - IMing is for children or for friends, or if You ALREADY KNOW Someone - IT IS NOT A TOOL TO EVER, EVER USE IN GETTING TO KNOW SOMEONE. They never send you an email. #6 Scammers are on the Rampage BECAUSE THERE'S FEWER AND FEWER PEOPLE USING COMMON F'NG SENSE!!! They're being fed thru people NOT USING COMMON SENSE #7 The Government - are you guys CRAZY!! You, Yeah, You, SIMPLY NEED TO USE COMMON SENSE!!! Don't Even be blaming this on the government - wake up and smell the Fng COMMEN SENSE COFFEE. #8 Have I a mentioned common sense,,,hehe. This is tough love for tough ignorance. #9 I saw this Top10 list today, I do not blog, I am not a facebook or other social network person, never will be, but saw this and Had to comment. I do not like to type my whole life or existence thru emails, so personally speaking, after I've met someone where there's Mutual attraction, I will either give or ask for phone #s - People, SCAMMERS WILL NEVER HAVE A UNITED STATES PHONE #, so if after you've mailed (with successful, Clear, SAtisfying communication) several times, then its COmmon Sense that you should talk on phone - but not JUst on phone - emails and phone calls. Keeping in mind, this is simply the situation until you can meet IN PERSON. Now, if you're Not able to meet in person, I would HIghly suggest webcamming or skpying. Scammers would NEVER do this. #10 Don't really have a #10,,,hehe, but please get, then use Diligently COMMON SENSE to avoid these criminals - and YOU CAN!! Good Luck
They are all over internet. i wich the Goverments would do something to get rid of these pests, who ruin so much from real serious people. like here on CS WHY cant they initiate IP Tracking and BAN them etc,, it pisses me of Alot.. not to mention how much they seem to being able to get youre mail and then more or less Mail bomb you... SO Anoying
met so many liers. dishonest, insinere losers only wanting a frre ride in life. hope to meet one honest honest , truthful person who takes care of their own businesdoh
thanks ill check that out i didn't know anything like that exzisted cool, im using a playstation 3 so ill have to barrow my familys laptop when they get it out of pawn lol
Hi there

Tjeck allways the IP adresse(its for free, Program), then you can allways see where the email is been sending from, location and so.........
Take care outthere for all those scams.

true good comment thanks, ya i get girls from russia canada who cant speak english well who say they travel so if they travel a lot as a tourist and i dont then ill tell them they can stop by to see me, even girls in my country america if they live far i would never send money, i would pay them for there bus fare once i met them in person.
Another Great Scam
Woman that can't speak your language, they don't always ask directly for money this would be too obvious, they drop the hint that they can't visit you until they have some understanding of your language. If you are that type of person who will send money for this then make sure you don't give it to the Marriage agency, Website and especial not the girl. Look online and find college or schools in their local area and call them directly, you may find that offer deals such as only pay half, if the girl has been attending regularly then you can pay the rest but 90% of the girls will either not reply to you or tell you something has happened to change thier mind about you.
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