Ten Things That Make Me 'Sick'

Although these things make me sick, they are bearable. Only writing for fun really, but there is some truth in it. Have a good day.


Every thing has become so expensive, it makes me sick.


Depends on the amount really, but yeah makes me feel sick.


It doesn’t matter how often you explain things, there are always some people who will NEVER understand, this makes me sick.


Spinning rides make me sick, the rollacoaster just makes me ill.


Just about the most sickening of sicknesses, having to listen to rumours. Bullshit can be included here too.


Prepare a nice meal and I is rather famished, then it burns. It makes me sick and then when I eat it, it makes me feel sick.


All sicknesses make me sick, weather they are happen to me or others. When the computer is sick (slow running) it makes me sick.

Mr or Ms Right

First name 'Always' and last name 'Right', you know them, yeah they make me sick.


Oh they just keep on comming and you guessed it, its sickening. The power bills the one it just never goes aways, every bloodly month, it there. It carrys on even when your dead.

Being Single

Well this has its ups and downs, but none the less....sickening.

What can you really do about 'sick' things, some you can avoid, most you have to deal with in your own special way.

Enter more things that make you sick or feel sick if you like, otherwise read and weep..haha

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Great topic, sure a lot of people will leave some hilarious sick stories here lol, good thing I collected some of these airsickness bags from various airlines, eh it's free take what you can get makes a good doggy bag as well.

I normally come up with something funny and profound on a topic like this, but shit can't come up with anything right now; that makes me sick!
lol shit, the price of alcohol.. Whiskey is like $40 a bottle..
One of the things that really make me sick is putting up (yet again) the retirement age. How dare they? We will be dead before we ever receive any portion of our tax dollars. The Government think we havent clicked to this but little do they know. Only problem is, they also know nothing will be done about it. Wheres grey power when you need em?
Property taxes, I mean they just target it all the time. Where are you supposed to sleep, on the street!
shortybob, rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

ooo and your a home girl too...wave
Agree with the whole list.........but thats life I guess be sick, vomit, clean up start all over again......lol
cheers... Mr About_Blank ...wave... nice sick list...laugh
A great post with loads of comic potential....

My take on things, as I posted on the Irish Forums a few weeks back...

A bunch of gripes...

Nobody likes you, your a f*cking nuscence, damn Noah for taking his job so seriously, "elephants, check,...lamas, check,...cane toads ,check,...Marsupial wolves, check...Flies, check, hold on god, are you sure about this one, you know there already pretty unpopular!...Halo of flies, the devils messengers and all that, uh, what, your really sure about that,..... ok then....

Chuggers (charity muggers)...
Every f*cking street corner on a saturday, thank god i speak brazilian and feign "non comprende"...trouble is, "do i look to white in these clothes"...

Parking in car parks...
Oh yes, and the joy when some arsehole is six inches away from your drivers door..."in through the tailgate.....Again!"....

Taking a leak (piss) outside...
When these "responsible members of society" have just come out from the pub!...Wassup, urinals not big enough that lads cant take a piss without missing the porcelane?...

That does anything but broad!...

TV dinners...
Where the packaging is more appealing than the contents...

Serving Suggestions on cereal packets...
Oh, milk is it, god thanks for that, i was going to put bleach on them...Thank god you put me right there....

Car Adverts...
Telling you precisely nothing of any relevance about the second biggest purchace you are ever likely to make in your life...

The Goverment...
Taxing the arse out of you and saying there are plenty of ways to claim the money back...Just a thought, dont f*cking tax us to oblivion, then we wont have to "study for the bar" in order to navigate our way around the claims process...

And to think Im happy in life....God only knows what it would be like if I was really pissed off...

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