why i cant date you

The reasons I can't actually date you

you dont understand what the significance of 42 is

This is where my geekery shows , if you get it , come say hi if not Google it

you told me I'm only worth a few camels

Apparently to be in with a chance I'd need my own herd if the stink breathed spitting humped mamals to win your heart ... Oh dear , what a pity , never mind !!

you live across the globe

You may as well live on the moon , going for coffee is not an option and to make matters worse it doesn't matter how much I like you or want you , I can never be there with a hug when you need one

you stalk me in the creepy way

15 messages in an hour ... Seriously????

your a ranty/preachy vegetarian/vegan

I eat meat , i love meat and although I don't eat a lot of it and eat a lot of vegetarian or began food I can't help but want a steak without the " think if the poor baby cows " lecture

your shorter than me

Oh ok its shallow , yes I know , but I'm short at 5ft4 and I like tall men , last time I dated a shorter guy it looked like we were off to mordor not eat dinner

you lie to me

Soooo, your a prince huh ? And you will give it up to come live with me in the UK? Hmmm sure ok .... Rofl

you chat up other women

What's up with that ??? Am I not right here infront of you? Oh wait silly me I slipped into my invisibility cloak !!!

you have no sense of humor

If you can't laugh at yourself you have no business laughing at others , do i need to throw a lamp at you to get you to lighten up?

your insincere

You said you can't live without me!!! So why are you not dead yet ?

So to conclude ... Distance is a b*tch, I'm too much of a geek and I'm not worth as many camels as you think

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42, Douglas Adams, good call :)
1. The number 42 was worn by Jackie Robinson, so it has been retired by all 30 teams in the MLB. As for 2-10 or whatever, I don't claim responsibility, and didn't read them for the prupose of making any comments. Sorry!
Oh well said!!! You go girl!!!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up
Alice in wonderland had 42 illustrations and rule no. 42 was all persons over a mile high are to leave the court.... Just saying !!!
Lol it was all just tongue in cheek poking at the randomness at some ppl on here , except the 42 it all boils down to that lol
1/...Yes, but did you know level 42 bassist Mark King named the band after the answer to the ultimate question?...
Now whos the geek?...
2/...Christ, have you seen the size of those fu**ers, and dont lets mention the flies they attract.....I said dont lets mention the flies!...
3/...If your more than an hour away its "game over" so far as im concerned...
4/...Yeah, thats a bit obsessive, if they start talking about making a "woman suit" its time to unplug and walk away from web world...
5/..."Meat is Murder", agreed, but it tastes so yummy, and would these animals even exist where it not to fill a need in the protean market?...Now, if it could be proved vegitables had a soul, where would that leave the vegans?...Fu**ed methinks!...
6/...Lying down, im the tallest person i know...
7/...Get that, but when you have weeded out the bankers, car salesmen, politicians, guys on dating sites, and indeed anything that pees standing up, you have to ask, "will i bat for the home team"...Sad but true, were all bull shitters, just some more than others...
8/...Id love to be mute, but if I had a pen and paper Id still chat to the fairer sex...One of my failings I guess!...
One of the benefits of being wantanly single...
9/...Sense of humour my arse, a healthy dose of mysanthropy and world weariness is comedy central for me...
10/...Well of course im insincere, why else would i be on a dating site?...

In conclusion...

Enjoyable 10...

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