Ten Reason to have Sex When You don't feel like it

Because you said so.Even though you may not have promised to "love,honor, and have sex once in a week when you made a commitment to your relationship it was understoodthat sex would be part of that bargain.

Sex helps you forget


Sex rewires you for pleasure

Everytime you share a positive experience with your partner,your brains comes to associate him or her with pleasure.

Heightened sense of smell


Weight loss


Reduced depression


Healthier heart

Woman who have more sex have a higher level of estrogen which protects against heart disease

Better the bladder control

Sex strength the pelvic muscles that control the flow of urine

Shiny hair glowing skin

Serotonin produce the after glow of sex.Sweat produces during sex cleanses the pores and make the skin glow

Forever young

Sex actually slow down the aging process.It lower cortisol level in the blood stream which reduce stress and slow down the aging process

Calming effect

Sex is ten times more effective than valium with no side effect

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A mixture of all the above, on thinking deep? You have really put it down after some thought, I might say.
I will agree with you to a large extent. Sex is an important part of human life under control and regulation as stated by God
Hello my comments is true what she said I am agree 100% A M

I agree as long as one's partner remembers 1-Corinthians 13:4
Love is Kind!
11: You just might find out you really do feel like it after all!
Numbers 1, 7, 8 I disagree with, other than that you`re a very good judge of character
HAHAHAHAH,can some one play with fire and not be burnt the ans is know,Dear the end of a matter ,is important, don't allow your self to be a mirage in this race,or battle field, life is a battle ground.A youth only thinks of today he or she does not care of tomorrow. Remember o
d age always carries the scares of youth age.Be warned!Be careful! Be wise!Don't not be a Mirage! More GRACE.
hahaha... u are so naughty u know
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