older man is much more understanding than younger man.

You get off: Hes confident in bed

He knows what he doing........and if he doesn't by then well then hes hopeless and you dont have to waste your time trying to teach him

He knows Cool stuff You never Heard of


He's very supportive

He got a career and is secure in his work life,so hes totally supportive of your ambition

Someone has already "fixed him up"


He doesnt stay out late


He knows himself


He doesnt want to be alone


You're the pretty one


No more going Dutch


He is going to be this Rad forever

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It is better to be an old mans sweetheart than a young mans slave.professor head banger cheering doh
moet je mij u wel laten kont neuken
I also like older men but most they keep thinking you want them for what they have. They think and act that. Most will not consider on asking or including you in their plans coz they just decide they pretend that to be ok with you. They are the master. Some can be very jealousy and insecure you have to keep acting funny to prove your love and laughty otherwise. They aren't realistic that you are still in process of achieving your goals and will not support you in this coz they think if your grow you might leave them for a younger men. All is about them. Its a pity i like older men but they are selfish, stubbon and complicated. For this reason i think is better to find someone of your kind in age and production status.
They don't understand you want them for them
I hope seme day , Maybe a lucky.
But , I have found a scammer
But how, I don't feel scared of them ???????????????
I will a kick for it them.devil
That is true what you have told, they perform well in bed
yes i want to meet a woman, who is older, because i want to love above 40 years woman,, and i want to meet.....
I prefer dating with men above 42.I am 42 but it is a shame to see hundreds and hundreds of men that even being above 42 behave like children but like those who are stupid, spoiled and liars because there are so lovey children.
yes i recon all those that think dating an older guy is awesome , are prcobably right well 99% of them any way..

me i know how to do what ever it takes to win a girl over in person that is ,And no its not just about money and sex ,

you have to know how to play the cards right , like not making an a** of your self , just be cool .. then if you do that , she will like you more ,And show her that you trust her ... because at the end of the day thats all she really wants ,, not all ladies are gold diggers ,, ,, so we cant judge every one the same ...

ITS really better if you can meet up with her , because i think that their is so much distrust floating around on the date sites .. so it really takes 2 people too start to trust each other in ther 1st instance when they write to each other on here then when they are both ready i think that they should just meet up for that date
elo3000 described me very well ! you can contact me !
I am from The Netherlands, Holland, so I am Dutch. What about nomore going Dutch???? What is bad about that? Pure discrimination !!!! Thats what it isprofessor
You won't enjoy much when you don't have a Dutch ! applause cheering peace cheers head banger
exatly, the toys and the head is really truth,i hate it, oldest man,why you want young girls if...
your right we are moor lovingteddybear
elo3000 can date me !
i like older man too , because i think they is more patients , wise , mature , nice and romantic ,but stranger is when im date with old man , they always dont feel cofident with me or too sensitive dunnoconfused so i still dont find the right man until now doh
without bragging you are absolutely right .. most of the women I met enjoyed my company, even the young ones. bouquet
Hmm, I prefer older, 5-15 years. But mostly because of maturity and confidence. The bed thing is not absolute nor is the going dutch thing. Then again, I never look at a date as a free meal. If it's just for food, I would much rather go to my favorite place and enjoy it myself. I have always given my date the option of me paying for some or half of it, but that's usually because I don't like him ha, but coffee and tea instead of a meal is always a better choice in my eyes anyway. I have never believed in paying for an expensive meal just to get to know someone. That can come down the road. Nor should women have to doll themselves up. First impression are important, but so is self worth lol!

Most boys do not yet know how to love and treat a woman, but a man does.
I could not see a woman in this site who should choose an unsopportive man just for love and romance. And I am alone; still. heart beating help
Yeah, grow up, young selfcentered boys; pull your thumb out of your mouth! rolling on the floor laughing
Yes the topic really true , older r more understanding , patient , loving and caring , they know the reality and not selfish more than younger . They do their commitment .cheers
is just a number its maturity that counts, like they say a girl would
weigh a man on his pocket, but a lady would weigh a man on his faith in
God, so what is important is love not the age would matter, when you
really love someone you get to accept the whole package, cause loves
happens natural&having to date an older man is my type of thing
cause they have been through the experience so many times which would
make things less complicated and more fun.
hahaa , makes sense ..i agree ;D
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i like you i want you...... heart beating heart beating
raptor666 me !
yes but not all like me i no what it takes to be in marriage some older man dont do there duties as husband why some young guys do so it depends on individuals
yes I like to met a nice Lady younger

Norway is my dreamland.. the same old or jung, they enjoy the life and are direct and nice.
Ha det bra!
nice to read all these opinions ,as an old guy i would like to say that the open minded and educated woman has no age,she could be older or younger , that is what my life teach me. but those gold diggers are out the life circle ,they are in darkness.therefor i can not say older men are all wise or open minded and better than younger, it depends on how the person understands the life.
sorry sir but im not looking for sugar daddy cos i already know what life is.U mis understood looking for a real relationship not to be a gold digger........thank you doh
TheLeftCoaster her profile she says she wants a guy who makes $150K or more... That's someone in the "1%" category. And that isn't reality for most of us... Can anyone say 'sugar daddy' here? That's what she's looking for and she'd be here today and gone tomorrow..very mad
not all older man are as you think,
very few are otherwise....
But you have the understanding and know how.
hey . you are the only one i have met that knows the real truth . of course we are good , we have the age,experience and knowledge of women.
some young man arnt so hard headed
not all old men are owesome some do not know how to behave,they think that because your young you are just wating their money and you do not love them
I agree with the list as for going Dutch call me old fashioned but if you ask a girl out you pay it's only right.
sorry princes dont buy into not going dutch anymore...its a new world out there you earn you can pay sometimes.
wow! nice one
Hello pretty

How are you doing?am Richard from Zoar - Ohio united state of America,am so happy to come across your profile and got attracted to know you, how ever I will like to tell you more little about my 48 years old am easy going man down to earth searching for my true love,am new on internet dating i lost my wife on plane crash i have 1 son,he is 10 yrs old, i'm a Business man i love traveling and so other please if you don't mind i will love you to tell me more about your self..God bless you ..hope to hear from you soon.....Richard
ok interesting...may i should try that..where are u?? lollaugh
Grin nr 1 is very true :)
As a mature, still sexually active 75 year old I agree with what leminika says
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