Top 17 Strange Animal Facts

Top 17 Strange Animal Facts
What animal lays the largest eggs in the world? What do crocodiles swallow in order to help them dive deeper? How did the turkey get its name? What is an anteaters favorite food? Where does cat gut come from? How many vocal cords do cats and dogs have? What primate other than humans have blue eyes? Here are a few simple answers to these questions and more...
Hummingbirds are unable to walk.
Even though there is a hump on their backs, camels have perfectly straight spines unless there is a physical deformity.
Sharks lay the largest eggs in the world.
Camels can go days without water. Rats can go longer.
If a female ferret goes into heat and can’t find a mate, she will die.
Opossums do not play possum. However, they do faint when they are frightened.
To help them dive deeper into the water, crocodiles swallow stones.
The turkey got its name because it was thought that the bird originated in … where else? Turkey.
Termites are the favorite food of anteaters.
Snails often sleep for three years without eating.
Sheep gut is what cat gut is made of… go figure.
Female mosquitoes bite. Males do not.
A donkey can see all of its feet. How? It’s because of the way the eyes are set into its head.
Roosters must fully extend their necks in order to crow.
Human fingerprints and those of Koala bears are so similar a crime scene specialist would have trouble telling the difference.
Dogs have 10 vocal cords. Cats have 100.
Humans and lemurs are the only two blue-eyed primates that exist.

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The Koala did it!
A Koala is not a bear and is not called a Koala bear, it is simply just a Koala....

Well, I wouldn't say an opossum faints exactly. They just go into a state of shocked unconsciousness when it is stressed/ feels threatened. They literally mimic the smell and likeliness of a dead animal which is where the phrase "playing opossum" comes from. This state is involuntary and can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

A couple other interesting facts about animals" Chameleons don't change colors to match their environment. Also, not all chameleons can change colors.

Panthers do not exist. The name "panther" is just another name for a large cat. What most people think are panthers are actually black leopards.
You forgot to mention that frogs can legally hunt storks and cranes. Personally, I like frag-grenades and AK-47's! Ribbit-t-t (SPLASH)
9 is obvious. lol @ the koala one. Interesting posting thumbs up
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