Most dangerous mistakes you probably make with _women and What to do about it....

top ten reason why men fail with women
Being to much of a "Nice Guy"
Trying to "Convince her to Like You"
Looking to Her for Approval or Permission
Trying to "Buy "Her Affection with food and gifts
Sharing "How You Feel "Too early in a Relationship with her
Not"Getting" How Attraction Works for Women
Thinking That It Takes Money and Looks
Giving Away All of Your Power To Women
Not knowing EXACTLY What To Do on Each Type of Situation with Women
Not Getting Help

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Literally the most dangerous? That's easy.
Even if a man just do the opposite wat is written above;"which I being a man think is not absolutely correct" all women still will complain about him being that way. The fact of the matter is you can't satisfy a women's need ever. And that is an absolute truth.!!!!
That is the most banal and idiotic list I have had the misfortune to waste my time reading!!! Why reduce men by writing such crap and insulting intelligent women with your stupidity mistakenly disguised as wisdom! Above all, speak for yourself and not for all men and all women, please!!!
Maybe you should add, take charge, be a leader. I don't like men who are indecisive and wishy washy, I rather take someone who knows what he wants and gets it done. Does this fall under the nice guy clause?
Of course it doesn't take money and looks.

You don't need both. One will do. :)
Well guys at my work use to say to me "you can be too nice" thought they were sooo wrong!!! maybe not???? I just don't know anymore!!!!
'Too much' of a nice guy... makes me wonder what time bomb lays underneath... also being to much of a nice guy often leads to just agreeing with everything you say and then I have the thoughts of 'why they won't just be themselves or don't they have their own personality... It's a huge turn off ;)
can you please elaborate the first point, don't girls like men who are nice?????? I am just asking because maybe this is the reason why I am lagging behind....
if only ladies can support each other v can win

over the men now u know why i am a fan for u

u r an angel for ladies keep it up and thank u
why thank you?
i am becoming a fan of you
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