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Top 10 fact women searching in men.

Women searching in men something like these belows.How do you think about men..?

Rich or at least Financial secure


Handsome and descent

Good looking it's must, and almost searching for white/ Caucasians

Lover and have sense of humor


Contemporaneous and mature

except scammer is

Conversationalist , smart and educated


Honnest,sincere, faithful, Good hearted


Fit and health


Good Traveler


Love her animal and her kids


Laid back/down to earth

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For Me Is Number 2
To Click with Him !
He Has to Be Attractive!
And Descent!

head banger banana teddybear handshake comfort kiss hug heart wings sad flower bouquet hug cool smitten cheering applause
Hell with it.
I'd rather to marry to my neighbor's pit bull.
Here will go? Most of this identification been educated ,handsome, beautiful, big and thin, or he got what i want. that has money.all this are reasons.
Please I will advise people not to get into relationship for some reasons like this cos if he or she is handsome or beautiful and does not have good attitude what does he have nothing.
If you want him or her bcos he or she is rich and later on you don't get what you want then they lay your back on the ground.
The bible said and cote it; for God so love the world that he gave is only begotten son that who so ever believe in him will not perish but have evaluating life.
In this sense is that love people as God as loved you don't love people for reasons that will not give you evalasting love,life,happiness, joy,sweetness,in your relationship. Or in your marriage.

These are excellent reminders for some of us...maybe down but not out! For some hardworking gentlemen over the globe. But would it not appropriate to those hardworking men searching for genuine women if a women takes time to understand men who are doing their best to secure a potential women. The bottom line for both sides, for men and women to appreciate we all have our strengths and weaknesses and then slowly have a strategy to follow.
1.2.3., are good enough for me. Number one can be work in process.
Buy a lottery ticketprofessor because if that's what you need it's a vice in any relationship if that's main concern.
#2 Find someone who has a personality that can make you laugh yet can be seriously into youconversing and communication should be on your list of priorities confused go figure,,
#3 Chemistry between each other that's a must in any relationship for me anyway, just saying from my family members that have been married for some twenty years hug and are happy .. medunno what happened I just traveled a lot I guess to fill the voidroll eyes
man s list is longer I suppose,,if u not Hollywood star at least ..he wont catch an eye on you...:-DDD if u not intelligent he wont make conversation with you if u have no job or u student no one even look through reading proper your profile...unfortunately I would say men are much more 'fussy'
Gosh you will never marry me then LOL
I seek all from 2 to 9 in man. I prefer #1 for myself.
3 6 9 and 10 for me
well that just about ruled out 99.5% of the male population in the world.
who frigging knows what a woman wants? i got no idea.
well that just about ruled out 99.5% of the male population in the world.
who frigging knows what a woman wants? i got no idea.
Hello pretty

How are you doing?am Richard from Zoar - Ohio united state of America,am so happy to come across your profile and got attracted to know you, how ever I will like to tell you more little about my 48 years old am easy going man down to earth searching for my true love,am new on internet dating i lost my wife on plane crash i have 1 son,he is 10 yrs old, i'm a Business man i love traveling and so other please if you don't mind i will love you to tell me more about your self..God bless you ..hope to hear from you soon.....Richard
Seems to me that if all women wanted these things, there would not be so many women in bad or abusive relationships. Your list seems a bit contentious. Perhaps you have had bad experiences and now have a low opinion of women. Perhaps you are seeking the wrong type of woman for you. Many men do that. They seek women they THINK are the "RIGHT TYPE" when in fact the right woman for them is the woman they overlook.

However, dating with such a negative view of the opposite gender is not a good idea in my opinion!

Most women seem to be looking for the same things most men are looking for: someone who will love and respect them, someone faithful whom they can rely. Sometimes that equates to money; sometimes it is related to emotional connection; sometimes it is related to co-dependency.
@scifi.., I don't it apply to men too..?

@kuzey.., I don't want to be that man, exactly.
:))need it 10 different man:)if a woman find this man she should keep him in cell:)
As a woman, I reflect also on whether men would want these same characteristics in reverse? Maybe the income is different, some men want to earn more than the woman and are threatened by the woman earning more; but nowadays perhaps men also want women to be standing on their own feet financially and are able to contribute, more than they did in the past. I think that could be a generational thing as well - younger generation could feel this way more than the older?

I am wondering with your list, if you are just finding some generic human things that all of us want - i.e. a half way decent person that is not going to bring problems into our lives that we did not have before?

Re the income at the top of the list [ not sure if you have prioritised these ] I kind of get tired of men seeing women as gold diggers. Women also have been in relationship with men who choose not to work and expect the woman to leave the home to support the family, who gamble, who have addictions that are prioritised over the families security and well-being, who are living for their art and are dreamers, who call themselves Entrepreneurs but are borrowing a lot of money for start up projects that don't work and then excusing it under the umbrella of what happens for Entrepreneurs. These sorts of things can bring a lot of unnecessary stress into a woman's life, especially if there are children involved. So when a woman says she wants some degree of financial security in place she is also asking - are you responsible and capable of creating security and stability, so life is safe, and a families needs are going to be met? Is that such a bad thing? It does not always mean that she wants you to pay for everything and use you for your money. Of course there are women out there that are like this, but learn to differentiate and assess women you guys, as, what on the surface is, a question about job and income may not always mean just one thing.
"Danish women don't care much about your income.
Being honest and trustworthy, would hold far more weight".

@steward...I guess you right, there are some culture still hold that value right now, as like as in my country.
I'd imagine it depends on where they're from, and what they themselves bring to the relationship.

Danish women don't care much about your income.

Being honest and trustworthy, would hold far more weight.
laugh rolling on the floor laughing @life ..are you sure ...??? confused
So true & perfect!thumbs up

BTW if condition #1 is fulfilled then others may come gradually! If #1 not fulfilled then rest 9 are meaningless to them! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
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