Top 10 To Be Ready For if You Want to Date a Filipina in Kuwait

Ths is not meant to offend anyone but this is a compilation of complaints from male Westerners who have dated and even married to Filipinas in Kuwait, so, this is not all inclusive.
Be ready to support her family of at least 10 people back in the Philippines unless she is an orphan.
Be ready to buy her a #18 Visa for 700 Kuwaiti Dinars (=$2,500 +).
Be ready to pay for 3 other people when asking her out to dinner.
Be ready to pay for her phone bill(s) and rent.
Be ready to have missed calls from her so you can call her back and use your minutess
Be ready to eat rice in every meal.
Be ready to know all Western Unions within a 200 mile radius.
Be ready to purchase pork (if you are working on an American Base) for her and her friends.
Be ready to see her carrying multiple cell phones.
Be ready to deal with a jealous and possessive person just to find out she has 2 other boyfriends other than you.

Word(s) of advise :). Feel free to add some more.

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Points of view, complaits from Western men who speak and share from experience. Who have dated and married these woman. This was not directed to all flip woman. I myself have worked with many flip men. Most often when I was Landscaping. There is a very large flip population in Delano California I myself live in Bakersfield. And I made good friends with every flip I worked with. What I shouldn't say flip? My friends didn't mind, did they call me Chican? Taco Bender? Yes but so what? My experience is not with the female flips. But I never speak of things I heard or what someone told me. And when a man speaks from experience he's sharing with you what happened to him. So get a grip! And don't trip! For what ever reason you're offended it's inside of you! Deal with it, heal with it, and gather what you think you may one day use and trash the rest. Never let the spoken experiences of someine else weigh down your good thoughts, caring heart, or positive Spirit. You have so much more to deal with then to get hung up on what someone else has experienced.
Do they eat dog? Yes! My friend told me so, he prefers the black dogs. I traded lunch, their Chicken Adobo is the bomb! Did I eat dog? Dog does not look like chicken, no Ive never eaten dog. To all my flip friends in Delano I love you.
Fair is fair, good is good, and true is true there's no room for anger or reason to be offended. There's nothing anyone can say to break my stride.
heart beating
Truth hurts. I told him not but he didn't listen and he paid for it.
So if this is not all inclusive and a sweeping bashing of Filipinas in general... WHY post this warning at all? Why single my ethnic group without so much a mention as the even more known organized dating in Russia where Western men are invited and women are displayed as livestock in a country fair ...and now even in Thailand with Denmark as target market? There are rotten eggs in EVERY country ... golddiggers , looking for sugar daddies, and a personal ATM on two legs are everywhere.... like what some commentators here alluded to .... just another attention-grabbing racist sounding CRAP ... most likely from a bitter sour ...
This is a a racist list. How can one generalize a group of people? One or a dozen may fit in this list but certainly not all. Most of women from this country are professionals, educated, independent and have their own source of income.

Such a lot of crapola! I bet all these men must be big time bigoted losers,am sure they must have long lists of all the women they must have tried to approach!sigh
Don't marry people.
never date a Filipina
Totally agree with you 100% every word you said is right, but not only Filipinos, Romanians, English fat Tarts, Thi's are all the same money grabbing low life's all will sell there arse to get the hands on your Cash and Visa's
You are really putting these people down, I cant believe this post is not even taken dow..You should be ashamed of yourself.....You will always be single and you dont deserve a relationship with anyone...If I was a gypsy I would curse you...
I have many friends who are phillipino, Male and female. I find them to be warm and honest people. As a shop manager my phil mechanics were my best workers. The women are truly beautiful and I envy their devotion to family. I was married to one for a short time and you have to go to one of their family feasts to see how loving and friendly people in this world can be. I was a single father and raised 6 kids on my own. I have not got much good to say about most of the males of my own race.
iv been married 3 times my third wife is filipino if it was not for her id b dead so dont paint everyone with same brush the nicest people on p[lanet are filipino iv had english and irish wife
Too sad to read this, that mostly of people think Filipina are users and gold digger..
*First of all before you go out with a filipina woman find out first her family background and how the way she raised up.
* if the woman open up about s*x the first time you talked then expect she's offering her body for the exchange of money.
* real people not afraid to showed u if they're lying or not..there's always a lot of way to find out the truth, and there's a lot of excuses for those liars and fake.
* don't become a victim, don't play either..knows who u are dealing with.

I a filipina too, and i never depend myself to anyone not even with my own family for a long's so sad for me to read this..i know im not belong in that kind of person but the impact still hurt me because you people talking about my race. It's not only filipina living in this not only filipina doing that stupidity..moping
LeftCoaster and Namaron, you said the same thing as the original poster with the ten points, except the original poster put a negative spin on it, and you two put a positive spin on it.

Some say potehto, some say potahto.

It's sad that human beings have a moral inner world, and they have to subject all their opinions to fit into their own moral order. This is what causes the most strife.

Pilipina women, like all women and all men who live in poverty, are desperate, and have no chance in life, will use "immoral" means to get ahead. This is necessary for their survival and for them to propagate their DNA into the future.

Why be negative about this? Why be supportive and bleeding heart about this? It's life. This is how it is. Est.

We are all humans, and we behave remarkably the same way when we are put into any certain situation.
I meet several Philippino girls in almost two years, trying to find a partner for life. My experience about that is that there are a lot of young beautiful single mom´s almost desperate todo anything for money.
I helped a couple of them but without any interest just to help her.

It is very difficult to discover which of those beautiful young girls
are truly interested in you or in your money or as a Visa.

It looks that most of the philippinos like to use girls without any responsability so the country it is full of poverty. One of their best dreams it is find an American of any kind including a 99 years old
to support her and help their families. For me is is some way as a prostitution.

But at the end the ones who are responsable of that situation are the philippino males the govermen. that country it is Catholic so according their laws it is forbidden the divorce no matter how bad it is the husband a girl could get into the jail.

In brief most of the comments about the philippinas are true but not all
the basic problem it is due to the poverty
the most simple is to date directly in philipines !comfort
It's not cruel if it's true. rolling on the floor laughing
Yep, All of above 10 is pretty much correct, Missing one more. When you take her to your country and then don't get a long once you find out who she really is and how many men she has ripped off and f....ed. Try to get rid and corrupt cows puts false protection orders on there partner's so they cannot be removed from that country.
what he failed to tell you is hey are there supporting families at home/that on average they make 144 us dollars a week/and thats salary/that theyre on call 24 hrs a day/that they miss their families/that they have to work in other countries and be away from them to do it/that they are human beings/and how does he know all this?and what is it hes after//////gee/he didnt say any of those things/did he?/and of that 144 dollars a week?most od it is sent back to their families/oh yeah and they get 1 week a year to go back home to see their families/and most of them cant do it because they cant afford it/try that on folks/the filipina women are one of the strongest people on the face of this earth to be able to do that/ i say this on their behalf/sounds like someones unhappy and didnt get what they were after
friendly canadian ? not the ones from quebec !
@TheLeftCoaster, thank deserve a hug...
Indeed, i agree Canadians are the friendliest people in the world.teddybear
That's sad to know you mentioned Filipinas only. I understand it is based on your experienced. Unfortunately for you.
I think you are stereotyping, there are many Filipina who are successful in their own ways, very affectionate, passionate, trustworthy, honest, caring, considerate and most of all very loving.teddybear
no interesting to date a Filipina anywhere !
While there is a glimmer of truth to a couple of this "top 10"...this stereotype is way over the top.

Unlike some snotty stiff upper lipped Brits I happen to know; who are more than willing to exile their young 10 year old kids for months on end into some "public school" with it's housemasters, switchmasters and headmasters... (Known as private schools in Canada and the USA),

Filipinas are family oriented folks who look after their kids and families. Children are welcomed...not exiled. Filipinas are culturally different... and they work incredibly hard sending remittances and Balikabyan boxes full of goodies home to help feed their families and pay the rent. If you date one who is an expat, expect expect to accept and follow that cultural sensitivity

Sure there are some tough stories out there... I've been through a couple of them, including a failed attempt at a marriage of convenience (Mexican), and I presently have a Filipina as a close friend who works hard to support herself and her family.

She is nothing like your 'top ten' stereotype.
very racist indeed

I am thinking he is referring to the desperate women that the Kuwaitis lure over to their country with promises of a safe and lucrative job, then systematically enslave, assault, rape, abuse, degrade and treat like chattel (er... null class citizens?) Those women have an awful enough life in poverty in the Philippians. Those who have not already endured years of abuses and just gone with the idea of prostituting themselves in order to have money, are determined to find a man who will commit to them so they can have a family and honor their cultural onus to care for their extended family.

However, yes, this post is racists and show very little empathy. Any woman interested in the men who posted to it should definitely consider their responses when examining their character. I certainly do!
This is a very racist remark. Not all Filipinas behave that way. Its better to be acquainted with more than just a handful and from different areas of the Philippines, as we tend to have varied views on life. Also, we behave differently just like any other race.
If you do not let her move-in on the third date she will "forget" little things all over the house. Otherwise know as marking her territory.
My friend just added one more..."Be ready for her to move in with you after the third date."
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