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10 reason to get married

Getting married is a huge steps.It means being committed to one persons for the rest of your life.knowing that you are ready to get married very important.

You have found the one person for you

the top reason to get married is because you found that one person who is perfect for you.You found the person you want to live the rest of your life with.This person you feel is marriage material.that is the real reason to get married


Happiness comes along with getting married.If you get for the right reasons you will find true happiness,also many studies have shown that people are happier in general when they are married

Having family together

keeping your legacy going,is another reason to get married.You want to settle down with someone and have a family.After getting married you can start having a family together.This is a good reason to get married.

So you will live longer

As silly as it may seem,if you are married you are healthier,It maybe linked to the fact that most married people have health coverage.It has been said that married people do live longer.So get married you will live longer and be healthier.

Financial reasons

When you are married you get many different tax breaks.Your quality for more tax credits when you are married .You have two incomes to live off.You can strive and live better when you are married.


Having someone tobe your companion is a reason to get married.You want a wife to go home to.You want someone who is someone to be there for you to thick and thin.This is a normal reason to get married.


sex is another reasons to get married.When you are married,you have to sex more.Sex is also more frisky when married.You are more willing to try different things.The sex more come often and will be very different.

Religious views

Many couples get married based on religious certain religionsyou should get married before living together or having sex.So people get married so they can follow their religion views


Romance makes a good reasons to get married.You can kiss or hug this person whenever you want.If you want to hold hands thats okey After you are married,you will see the romance blossoms

Household support

It is easier to hold up the household when you are married.You will shared duties and you are not stuck doing everything alone.You can enjoy having a household together where can you invite friends as well

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Marriage forms stability for the woman man and children: a better foundation for all to grow and have a content unbreakable bond to never take for granted a privelege not a right
A network of teamwork of sharing caring hugs kisses warm loving inviting home

Marriage forms stability for the woman man and children: a better foundation for all to grow and have a content unbreakable bond to never take for granted a privelege not a right
A network of teamwork of sharing caring hugs kisses warm loving inviting home

I only can say in your life you can do 2 big mistakes:
one is to marry and the other is not to marry

but why have married men mostly more weight than single men?

the single man comes home in the night, looks in the refrigerator, nothing good inside and go to sleep
the married man comes home in the night, looks in the sleeping room, nothing good inside and goes to the refrigerator
Being married does not necessarily mean being committed to one another. Many partners cheat on each other
Oh dear I got married twice ...what does that say ?
I took all the vows and to be honest this day I swear I was much much happier leaving the divorce courts.
It's just a very very expensive unnecessary risk these days . You can be just as committed and loyal living together.
for some people marriage is an impossibility. that's what charities look for-me without wives. i would not marry a women unless i knew her fiscal story. inafunk
Very old fashioned subservient approach which is about pleasing a man .I think you should get married because you want children to be brought up in a stable committed family though this too can be achieved without a marriage . Marriage needs to be about equality and respecting supporting each other through good and bad .
Hello dear!
How are you? I am nice and interesting man. I have always wanted to create a happy family with my loving woman. I want to find him, maybe this is you. I want to find the woman who will become very special to me and who will want to share every moment with me. Tell me about you. I feel that you and I can be great together.
I am waiting for your answer.
Hi How are you you are very beautifulapplause
One can still enjoy all these outside the confines of the law ... luckily we don't live in the Middle Ages or the Victorian era any more. And people always try harder to "keep" the partner when they know that he/she can easily walk away. Married people often stay together, after love dies, because getting a divorce becomes ridiculously complicated and, in lots of cases, expensive. So, I chose FREE LOVE!
Great top ten. I agree..

Those are all the reasons why I am looking for the right one.

I have been praying that I find her..and looking everywhere on earth..

heart wings I guess when I stop looking.... heart wings
Sex can be dead even in a long relationship if you don't spice it up on the right time.It doesn't have be to programmed all the time in a romantic environment ,sometime just spontan sex can be really good with your partner.
I've heard that sex is dead after marriage.
You are very sweet and obviously a hopeless romantic!

Who could argue with this list?
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