Top12 Reasons to Post a Top10 List

Top10 Lists are fun to enter and interesting to read. Here are just a few of the reasons you should take the time to enter one.

Your List tells about you

It’s a great way to share something about yourself... your experiences, wit, knowledge, opinions, or sense of humor. It helps members get to know you. It's also a good ice-breaker... it may give members something to write to you about. That's a good thing :)

Brings attention

Your List will bring attention to your profile. There are links to Top10 Lists various places on the site and there will be a link to your List on your profile page. Attention.. that's another good thing :)

Top10 can be Top5 or Top12

A Top10 List doesn’t have to include 10 items. Your list can include anywhere from 3 to 20 items.

Topics unlimited

Topic of your List can be fact or favorite, helpful or humorous, historical..or just plain weird. You can post as many Lists as you like on a wide range of topics. Your List could be about your favorite dates, books, authors, music, hobbies, recipes, pets or automobiles. It can be a list of best beauty products, or best places to vacation or to take your first date. It can be best (or worst) ways to organize a garage or to seduce your girlfriend. It could be the top happiest times of your life, or your worst most embarrassing moments. It could be a list of the tallest mountains, longest rivers, most popular presidents, cheapest island vacation get-aways. It’s up to you.

Unlimited angles to take with your topic

My Top10 favorite___
My Top10 worst___
My Top 10 favorite ways to___

Top10 best___
Top 10 best ways to___
Top 10 worst ways to___
Top 10 things I like about___
Top10 reasons I___
Top10 reasons to___
Top 10 reasons why you should___

Top 10 most interesting___
Top10 strangest___
Top10 craziest___

Top10 tips for___
Top10 things you should know about___
Top10 things to consider when you___
Top10 things I've learned about___


Item descriptions.. your choice

Some Lists are simply lists, while others need more description. Adding descriptions to list items (like the ones you're reading here), explaining or telling something about each item or why you've included the item is not a requirement, but it adds meaning and makes some types of Lists more interesting.

Images and Videos.. your option

You can add images or videos to your list items. Optional images bring attention to an item and serve as an example to show your point. If you have a video for one of your items, that’s cool too. But keep in mind that adding too many videos to one list may slow page-load time for members with slow internet connections.


Your Top10 List could point out an opinion you have or fact about a topic that you would like others to know and consider. E.g. Top10 good reasons for healthcare reform, or Top10 arguments for/or against abortion or gay marriage.

Weird or odd = interesting

Sharing some weird, odd, or little known facts is interesting and attracts readers.

HowTos = helpful

Posting some Tips, Best, or New ‘Ways to Do-it’ can be helpful to others. You know a lot. Everyone has had experiences and has something to offer. For example..

Think about your job:
What are 10 related things you know about… post it in a List.
-If you are a Beautician, what are your Top10 makeup tips, keeping hair healthy, (and maybe your Top4 worst perm jobs).
-If you’re a Customer Service Rep, what are Top10 ways to get what you need from a company, (and your Top3 worst nightmare customers).
-If you’re a Tradesman, what are the Top10 tips you can give in your specific field of carpentry, landscaping, plumbing, heating, building or repair work?
-Other occupations.. based on your knowledge, what are your best tips to buying a home, improving your credit, refinancing a loan, decorating your living room, finding a job, preparing a will, training a pet, growing a garden, trying acupuncture, choosing a wine, using herbs and homeopathic medicines, dealing with divorce, teaching children to read, dealing with a sick baby, attracting a mate, choosing a diet and losing weight, quitting smoking, etc.?

Things you like-to-do provide good info for lists

Think about your pastimes and hobbies:
Just for example.. if you love snowboarding, you know a lot about the topic and could write:
- Top10 things I like about snowboarding,
- Top10 reasons to get a snowboard,
- Top10 snowboarding tips,
- My Top5 worst/best snowboarding experiences,
- Top10 places to snowboard or ski,
- My Top3 worst falls, or
- Top10 things you should know when buying a snowboard.

Comments are fun

Your list may bring comments from members.. an interesting exchange of opinions on the topic.

Top10 Lists are easy and fun. You can research and present facts if you like.. but you don’t need to be an expert on anything but your own favorites or opinions to post one. Share your list or comments today.

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