10 top reasons for why you don't have a boyfriend

Its better to be change all dis advantages in life so that you can easily you find the right man for you.

You're Needy

You meet him last weekend he texted a few times,and now you dont want to leave this guy alone.You already planning for the next weekend .

You Flirt to much

Flirting is an essential skills in any woman toolkit.It is meant indicate to a guy that you are singling him out in a special attention because you are attracted to him.

You are to Picky

You want a guy is well educated-financially,successful,handsome,funny,witty,generous,blah blah blah

Your materialistic

You know that!

You're scared

you been burned before.you are understandably wary.

Your self absorbed

you talk about all yourself all the time.you talk about your ex all the time you cry to his shoulder all the time when you dont get what you want.

Your a pushover

you put all kind of crap.you allow yourself to be booty and stood up.you allow him to tease you in a not affectionate way.you allow him to pick fight and forgive him for flirting or hooking up with another girl in the two hours you broken up.If you donot respect yourself he certainly isn't going to respect you and your value in his eyes will tank.

You're aggressive

You say you're a liberated woman so you can grab whatever c*ck grab you fancy.that will get you laid but try to remember that's it the male species that got the big dose of testosterone.the male is biologically programmed to seek his complementary opposite-which includes a much larger of estrogen

You're a mean girl

Seriously stop being a b*tch!Sometimes guys want to get a mean girl because they are powerful but that relationship isn't above love

Youre high maintainance

You always feel slighted.Hes always saying and doing the wrong thing.Youre feeling is constantly hurt and constantly apologizing fighting all the time can be rewarding in a short term,because it amps up the s*xual tension for make up sex.but ultimately its a bone killer

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Oooh I saw myself in quite of few of them.
To tell the Truth !! I Dont Want One !!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing doh
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