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Marrying older man is much more understanding than younger men cos they know already what they want and how to handle it.i love older men than me.

He is successful

A older men is far more likely to be established and more successful in his career than a younger guy ,not to mention being being debt-free.This means you can live the good life and afford luxuries were as being with younger guy would have taken years of economics living to be able to afford even a part of those comfort.

He is mature

The more experience the person nas the more likely he is more emotionally mature.This is a huge advantges as compared to younger men who are forever getting jealous of your mingling with other men or expecting their fragile egos to be massaged every now and then.

He is more stable in life

Professionaly as well as emotionally and older man is more likely to have achieved stability as compared to a younger guy who is still experimenting with career and relationships

He is more responsible

So you can expect to him to be similarly sensitive to needs and obligation in a personal relationships as well

he is sexually experienced as well

One of the biggest disadvantages of marrying an older man is supposed to be unhappy sex life or a lack of s*xual attraction.

He is likely to stray

He is less likely stray to compared with younger guys who are still to make up their minds about what they want in partner.

He will have more time for you

A man who is compfortably settled on his proffession will be at your disposal more often than a young guy who is still struggling to establish his credential and prove himself proffessionally.

You will be more open minded

Marrying a man much older to you may make you suspect in the eyes of many.You maybe accused a of being a gold digger or a manifestation of your partners mid life crisis

He will help you live in the present

To much importance is given in today cultures to plan and ambitionsfor future.Young people obssesed with making good often forget the relish what they really have-the present .


A man with longer and wider experience may make your life much more interesting than it would have been with a younger guy.He cannot advice you on a practical or financial matters but open your eyes to the variety and beauty that the world has offer.

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Thanks for sharing your lovely article
I communicated w a 67 year old man on C S he was very attentive
Patient and sexy
Very much mental intimacy
stimulating conversations
We texted for weeks
Then he disappeared for maybe 10 days - he could have took a flight to another woman
Saying his computer died
And he had to wait for parts to come in
We texted for 2 more weeks
Oct 22 he disappeared
Never to return back on his page on line how cruel can u get
I wonder if he died or had a heart attack from the m word
He did that
Or chose another
He said he told his adult kids about us
After he told them the second time
And they came to him to visit
He disappeared
My system was devastated
The younger ones want u to baby them
The older ones who knows
A lifetime of not the right one
I don't want to get hurt again
By a con artist
Maybe an alterior motive
Who knows
They men often lie
No 1 ......he's successful meaning he has wealth .....he'll use it to lure desperate young woman then treat her like he treated his many exes cheating or drunkeness whatever his vice is . Old men young women .....I've seen them out in UK ,especially ,young women from far East pretty with old man sat miserably in a tesco cafe over a cup of tea she looking so miserable realising shes with a pensioner who can't even ......well you know the story.....don't be fooled ......I've met a couple of men who said they would go to Thailand for a bride........they were promiscuous types and with some wealth but they were not going to part with it .......they wanted young, pretty ,and then put up with anything. All women deserve respect but lots of old guys chasing a young woman dont have respect for themselves dont mind anyone of the female gender .devil
Older men like myself are much more settled, stable, debt-free, have a good home to offer a woman and have full respect and love to give. Mentally and physically. And we prefer a younger woman because we have never had many years living with a women or a long marriage. So those women our age look too old to be whom we felt we should have started out with to settle down with. And we do settle down with one woman for life if we can receive the love interest form someone who would be of our choice.
Well my findings

Older men never stop thinking they deserve and can get younger women. Take a look in here at men over 60 looking for women 18 + !

Older men never lose their sex drive, just the ability to follow up on it.

Older men are not always successfull , because they have had or tried many vices which has made them dependent or reliant on something.

Older men are still little boys inside , they think they know what but are easily led.

Older men believe live for today because tomorrow night never happen, a good philosophy but not inclined to long term commitment.

Older men know how to treat a lady ...very true but it's not lady they need....remember the live for today

Older men are fine and appreciate having a young woman on their arm. A trophy sometimes, a feel good like look at me I can still pull !

Older men can be anything to anyone , not knocking them because I am an older woman. Lol
The age difference can rear it head in later years but if it's love then it doesn't matter does it.
number one just has to be number one for 95% of women. we got to pay for love man and this is what being 51 and experienced tells me. that's why i am single and scared as Hell of you. My success was gained during my brokenness anyway so its ironic to take up trouble now.banana applause dancing professor
Yes I agree, I am a 49years old, but still I need sex every day 2 to 3 times
agree That's why i am looking for older men :)
Physical age has nothing to do with maturity. I've dated older men who acted like spoiled 3 year olds! doh
its true im 71 male ---all the way still ----lol
Is true but, age has nothing to do with succes.
for me, based on what is my observation the 10 advantages that u stated are all true. My younger sister married an older guy of about 10 yrs gap... and she is very happy on what she chose coz the guy is career-fulfilled already so he have more time to spend to my sister, adding the financial support and everything.
And success has nothing to do with age either if somebody likes success there are males that are not old and can be smart on the other hand there are old males that are not smart too...
I wouldnt agree with all that, first age has nothing to do with how much mature he is, second personality has nothing to do with age either...
Probably true to an extent, norm young ones from o'seas contact older guys thinking they are easy to fool and are rich,normally all they desire is air fare and then marriage to stay here.
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