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movies of my choice to see if you havnt already

These are purley my favorties


If you havnt seen this classic movie you should. Other then the flashbacks it is a very realistic alien flick and it scares me everytime.

war of the worlds tom cruise version

This is a steven spielberg best I love how again realistic they made this because it could really happen and it shows how people react in a time of attack

adjustment bureau

This was a very intense matt damon flick I def recommend it

enemy of the state

I always love a will smith movie especially with gene hackman as his acting partner these two make a great team and I love jack black and jamie kennedy as extras in this movie its action packed and very suspensful

I Am Legand

Another will smith movie and I truly believe this could happen as well and its why its so scary will smith is believeable even though its a quiet film but I think it adds to the tenseness of the movie

fatal attraction

I must warn you though if you have cheated on your spouse and she doesn't know this movie might make you think twice because this deffinetly could happen for real great acting and very erotic love scenes

Music and Lyrics

A break from the scary movies this is one of my favorite romantic movies it has great music in and believe me they will be stuck in your head after drew berrymore sings :)

Pretty Woman

I had to add julia roberts one of my other favorite movies a great first date film to watch


Really good acting for this young actress a little strange in some parts but its very spooky

the ring

This movie is one of my favorties if you havnt seen it you should but don't watch it alone if you do expect to be up for the next few days or so lol

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