Novelists the most selebrated in the world

I would like to introduce those men who extremely were great and wonderful ,i would like to remind people of their magnificent literature,,and to urge all friends not to stop reading novels and other kinds of literature,,,

The novelist

Ernest Hemingway

The novelit

Leo Tolstoy

The Britain novelist

Margret Mitchel

The Italian novelist

Elbert Gamow

The Italian novelist

Eberto Moravia

The Rissian novelist


The Americain novelist

Marc Tween

The Americain novelist

Vector Hugo

The Americain novelist

Colene Wilson

The Americaian novelist

Jean Paul Sartre

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Thanks you;re right,,
Nowadays,people unfortunately have no any idea about those well known novelists ,they might have their reasons ,,,that because they didn't live that period of time,,me ,perhaps you,we might have chance to live and to read their wonderful stories and novels.
They are legendary but now a day how many know them? This list is a great idea!thumbs up
handshake cheers

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