Qualities For Good Meaningful Life

Do these and close to them for majority of time (respecting that we are all human) and live a happier more meaningful contented life.

Love Unconditionally


Keep An Open Mind And Curiosity/Interests


Trust Your First Instincts


Be Kind/Respectful/Considerate

Does wonders, helps learn a lot.

Give Unconditionally


Appreciate/Enjoy All Of Your Senses And Little Details Often Taken For Granted

Both of these work wonderful together. It's always great to hear what kids like - we can all learn from kids about these things! You may discover whole new Worlds and be amazed of what is all around you anywhere that you haven't noticed/appreciated in a long time. You may feel more respect for those with passions in photography, art, music, design and much more. Being more aware/attuned of both of these will make you more passionate.

Do Your Best And Be Proud


Research/Learn/Absorb What Is True And Can Be Verified


Use/Apply Good Common Sense


Communicate/Release All Of Your Thoughts/Feelings

These can apply to very young all the way to very mature. Relate through examples. Just be creative with younger people who relate better with examples since they don't have the time and experience to understand yet.

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