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My list of my favorite animes, in comments tell me of other animes you like. I might check em out ;)


Black Butler/ Kuroshitsuji


Elfen Lied


Angel Beats


Death Note








Shugo Chara





Comments (20)

  • plainlyjuneHidden Profile
    plainlyjuneHidden Profile Jul 18, 2012 Legazpi City, Naga Philippines
    for me, Naruto claims the number one spot grin dattebayo!
  • SwedishCutie18
    SwedishCutie18OP Jul 21, 2012 winterville, North Carolina USA
    yea i really like naruto but there are soooooo many episodes. sometimes i get lost. :D
  • plainlyjuneHidden Profile
    plainlyjuneHidden Profile Jul 21, 2012 Legazpi City, Naga Philippines
    hehehe, i know right? i think i've repeated the whole episodes frmo naruto start to finish and wait anxiously for the release of the next anime episode :(. I saw this one and thought i'd share it with you. Hope you like it.
  • superbrodsHidden Profile
    superbrodsHidden Profile Jul 23, 2012 porthmadog, Gwynedd, Wales UK
    definitely onepiece best ever anime or deathnote
  • globetrotter88Hidden Profile
    globetrotter88Hidden Profile Jul 27, 2012 Bantry, Cork Ireland
    cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, outlaw star, evangelion and bobobo are my favs!
  • kasper699Hidden Profile
    kasper699Hidden Profile Jul 27, 2012 ballarat, Victoria Australia
    where is FMA?/ FMA brotherhood?
  • JanesaddictionHidden Profile
    JanesaddictionHidden Profile Jul 30, 2012 Kingsport, Tennessee USA
    Death note is my absolute favorite.You forgot bleach,haha.
  • SwedishCutie18
    SwedishCutie18OP Jul 30, 2012 winterville, North Carolina USA
    Bleach would have been number 11 hahah
  • animeloverHidden Profile
    animeloverHidden Profile Jul 31, 2012 Aransas Pass, Texas USA
    you think naruto has a lot of eps try watching detective conan banana
  • plainlyjuneHidden Profile
    plainlyjuneHidden Profile Jul 31, 2012 Legazpi City, Naga Philippines
    true that laugh
  • mtncabingirlHidden Profile
    mtncabingirlHidden Profile Jan 21, 2013 boise, Idaho USA
    FLCL fooly cooly

  • mtncabingirlHidden Profile
    mtncabingirlHidden Profile Jan 21, 2013 boise, Idaho USA
    anything GORILLAZ

  • luvonlyuHidden Profile
    luvonlyuHidden Profile Jan 26, 2013 port allen, Louisiana USA
    hey what about elraka 7
  • winiwiHidden Profile
    winiwiHidden Profile Jan 27, 2013 lima, Lima Peru
    Great teacher Onizuka
    Tale of melodies

    etc etc...
  • nonsmoker
    nonsmoker Jan 27, 2013 Waterford, Waterford Ireland
    This is were it all began for me head banger
  • DieBeingSilly
    DieBeingSilly Nov 2, 2014 Palmdale, Ca, California USA
    naruto for 1st place any day!
  • BHwalkHidden Profile
    BHwalkHidden Profile Nov 4, 2014 Hoover, Alabama USA
    Ninja Scroll (movie) hands down the most bad a** movie of all time number two would be Basilisk (anime series) then followed by the motion picture movie called Shinobi which is an actual movie with real actors and actresses that is almost exactly like the anime Basilisk!!
  • Gery7Hidden Profile
    Gery7Hidden Profile Nov 5, 2014 Dublin, Dublin Ireland
    Yu Yu Hakuso, Bleech, are good anime :) have a look
  • bogdan26
    bogdan26 Nov 13, 2014 san pedro del pinatar, Murcia Spain
    come on there are too many good animes for place 1 depends what gender you like sword art online is my favorite now
  • CommanderSpacey
    CommanderSpacey Jan 5 Tallahassee, Florida USA
    With over 12,000 Japanese anime episodes and 360+ movies on my home server, its hard to pinpoint just ten, however here are 20 of my favorite series:

    1 - Last Exile
    2 - Vision of Escaflowne
    3 - Ghost in the Shell - being made into a live action movie in 2017
    4 - DearS
    5 - Rogue Hero
    6 - Attack on Titan - also has a live action movie
    7 - Black Lagoon
    8 - Read or Die
    9 - Tokyo Ravens
    10 - Unbreakable Machine-Doll (wish they would anime the entire manga series but they only did the first 3 of 20)
    11 - Romeo x Juliet
    12 - Asobi ni Ikuyo - Bombshells from the Sky - aka Cat Planet Cuties
    13 - Fate Stay Night
    14 - Infinite Ryvius
    15 - Karneval
    16 - Moon Phase
    17 - Moribito Guardian Of The Spirit
    18 - Seraph of the End
    19 - Sword Art Online
    20 - everything done by Studio Glibli

    I have been collecting Japanese anime for over 20 years after renting "Neon Genesis Evangelion" in 1995
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