10 Things I Love About Him

The things I loved and still love about the person who broke my heart...

His personality


His sense of humour


His laugh


His smile


His lips


His eyes


The way he talks


The way he walks


The way he made me fall in love


The way he makes me love him although he doesn't feel the same

Even though I should hate it...

It's crazy... but you know what Plato said... "Love is a serious mental disease"

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To....mjames.... lucky will be the lady you choose in life... Sara
mjames: I think this is ok but you have to be careful; all these warm and fuzzy feelings a lot of times are what makes a woman stay with a bad guy.

i would have to agree with you i was like that i stayed with my daughters dad becuase i had those feelings and was blinded but finailly after 1year i left him and was able to see how much i was not in love with him.
That's all great I like that when you fall in love that's very difficult then u can know the means of life and then u know god very well peace in your soul is lovely very beautiful
Leave the memories aside than to kill u'r existing or coming up soul mate. Ideally, try to erase them.

It's better to love the person who loves you all by his heart than to be drowned by someone who doesn't love you at all.For had he loved, he wouldn't have dumped on the first place.hug
" LOVE IS SERIOUS MENTAL DISORDER " It seems this pharase is said my shakesphere or munshipremchand or tulsidas though phrase some day would be a great anonamous saying
so funny...but its true...and i hate it also...but i dont have something to do with it...that is how i feel also...hehehe

i can tell you 100 things i hate about my ex...but hey i use to love him, till mentally i had to kill him..lol. very mad
I guess mjames is right... But sometimes it's difficult to control it... confused
I think this is ok but you have to be careful; all these warm and fuzzy feelings a lot of times are what makes a woman stay with a bad guy.

You are making this out to be a very magical thing when to him it wasnt or he wouldn't have stayed.

I'm not trying to be mean but love is much more than how someone makes you feel. That's why players can fool so many women; they know they are into the feeling of a relationship more than what a guy does.

Love is honesty, passion, devotion, respect, action, and so much more.

If love is only a feeling, it will lead to heartbreak.
Ditto on your last quote... we all suffer from hoping to acquire this mental illness.
LOL pinky89!! Ur funny!! I love the quote you chose for the conclusion! laugh banana
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