Why Guy's cannot Committ?

Top 10 Reason's Guy's cannot Committ; The biggest reason is, they have know idea what "Love Is", and, they let that thing in between their leg's "Control" them. Additionally, they don't understand "Trust and Honesty". Lastly, Guy's are very Emotionally Immature, and they are like "Littel Kid's", they don't start growing up until their late 40's......

Top 10 reason's why Guy's cannot committ?

Top 10 reason's why Guy's cannot committ?
All the "Fun" will stop, no more friends, no more club hopping, no more parties!!!!!!

Top 10 reason's why Guy's cannot Committ?

Well, I cannot Committ because , "I don't know what Love Is"!!!!!!!

Top 10 reason's why Guy's cannot Committ?

"How do I know if she really Love's Me"?

Top 10 reason's why Guy's cannot Committ?

She's not "Perfect"!!!!!!!

Top 10 reason's why Guy's cannot Committ?

I'm too young to Committ!!!

Top 10 reason's why Guy's cannot Committ?

Because, I'm not sure she's the "Right One for Me"!!!!!!

Top 10 reason's why Guy's cannot Committ?

If I Committ, then I have to be responsible!!!!

Top 10 reasons why Guy's cannot Committ

I'm afraid to Committ!!!!!!

Top 10 reason's why Guy's cannot Committ?

I don't know how to Committ!!!!!!

Top 10 Reason's why Guy's cannot Committ?

I start dating this Beautiful Women, then, "Out of know where here comes another Beautiful Women".........What do I do? I know.......break up with the Beautiful Women I'm dating now, and start dating this "NEW" Beautiful Women. Wow, that was really easy......wow!!! But, all of a sudden, then I see the most Georgeous Women ever, so then I break up with the Women I'm with, and I start dating this Georgeous Women. I'm confused????? Why do I do this????????

Young men in their 20's are concerned, why can't I committ? Well, because their not ready to committ, or they don't want to committ, or they don't know how to committ!!!!!!! ( They are so concerned about "Beauty, Sex, Money, and Having Fun) This is what Guy's think love really is, and you can throw several women in the same catergory as well!!!!!

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I divorced in 2009 and all I've met are women who would not commit. People say men are this and women are that but the truth is people are people and stereotypes are not often true
I cant commit because,

usually i get someone who is not even close to what I am looking for or worse yet a scammer :(
Guys cannot commit to the 99.9 % of available so called "woman" gold diggers...
Or can't even get in a relationship for the same reason! That's why I'm single for years.
They will commit,with the RIGHT woman.
One woman man=One man woman Result we have a match...Good luck and good happiness...hopefullykiss

Enough said!!!
its not all of them as Some of them do commit suicide
Every time I try to commit, I've noticed that's when problems start. I want to bring all of myself to a relationship but with the people I've been meeting so far lately that seems to be a bad thing. While I stay aloof its no problem. Not yet sure what to make of that. It's a process of learning.
I also disagree
Men can commit however marriage is really only a piece now days with little to no religious meaning
(So sad)
I was married and hurt in ways I will not discuss in a forum
I have been single for almost five years
I would like to push the fact that committing to a relationship does not mean you have to get married
Marriage is nothing more than a formal way to say I AM YOURS FOREVER
I would happily commit my body mind and soul to to miss right
That means everything that would be expected while married and more as far as I'm concerned
I don't need a piece of paper to commit
Lets look at it this way
The wedding day is always considered the ladies day and arranged to suit the ladie
Most often the groom has little say
My experience y I can't commit,,

I met de girl of my dreams,,, did everything I could to keep her happy.. ran around after her and her kids,,, she messed with my head treated me like hit n I only realised how bad de relationship was after we split,,,

If u give ur whole heart out to someone and they treat u like hit y de he'll would u put yourself through all the heartache again,,,

Women thinknthat guys can't commit but that's bullshit,,, Every guy can commit at some stage in their life,, it depends on the woman that their heart chooses then,,,

From my experience I'm not sure if I can commit again not because I'm a mommy's boy but can women be trusted??????
Let me tell you why guys cannot commit...

Some of them they LOVE when mum is taking care of the house, cleaning, preparing his favorite dish and allow them to decide for them instead, if she will be " the right one" for her little boy...he is just not ready for someone else to take mums place.

Other they think only about their friends who divorced after a life time toghether...this is not the way to see your perspective as a men about marrige..it will never work.

Some people they are quait comfy with "girl-friend" situation after years and years of living toghether who gets similar advantages and benefits as a married couple so ...why should i commit???

There are also cases that man just to keep the relation going nowhere, are just delaying for months, or year the big decission taking the next step, by telling lot's of lies/dreams/ bullshit plans.

The most common type they are terrified about who's taking what, and how much ,yeah exctlly the material staff in case of divorced,again thinking of something negative before even started the next step..

It's true, we are living in a material world, but you shouldn't compare or associate different cases or previous relation/marriages concluding that "all girls are the same"
You might realise that she found her soulmate later on, a normal guy just like you whitout thinking material as you thought.

We are all choosing "the wrong one" before meeting "the right one"
Maybe was/is not meant to be, just don't force the hand it might realise later on that was such of waist of her/his time.
Save time, be onest to eachoher life is to precious!!
You got only one chance. Do the best of it.
Hi There
This list of reasons is very self centred and written with a total lack of maturity and thought.

This poor man does not know what love is and it is his fault entirely, as he thinks love is something packaged and sold like a box of biscuits with each biscuit nicer than the last, and he needs to try all the biscuits before he can choose the one he likes the best. What woman would have him after all that?

He also thinks he has something special between his legs, I wonder how he makes it work for him, with his desire to try the next biscuit.

I know men who understand trust and honesty very well and they are proud of the way they were brought up and the values and standard they were taught.

Wow what a terrible thing it would be to grow up when a man is forty he has very little time left to fit all the satisfying occasions into his life. He will be a grandfather's age when he has his first child.

This comment is written without precidice or any thought of scorn or anger
Thank you

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There's absolutely no upside to committing.
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