top 10 reasons that you should not vote for Obama for a second term

Obama and his B.S

Cuts down our way of life

Bows to other nations, what a joke.


his wife has 100 servants for her use only. when all the other first ladys had 1 or 2, it coast us the people over 1 million dollars a year to pay for them.


his wife looks like a man


4 He has no idea what he is doing, and has no guts.


5 he thinks he is the chosen one from God.


6 he has passed laws that no one knows about that would upset them if they did.
one law he passed is that if you show up at his campaign and say anything bad about him you will be arrested for doing so.


7 he would like to see this country gun less with only criminal and government having them, and is taking steps right now to turn over our gun laws to the U.N. So they can take them away.


8 he does not care about us the people. he wants you to think he does. but only care about destroying America and the way we know it today.


9 he spent more money in 3 years then bush did in 8 years. giving billions to other country's to help out their economy and to open car manufacturing company's.

The illegals

he wants all the illegals to stay and get everything free, and we must pay for health insurance buy law now but, the illegals get free medical that we will also pay for. they are cutting back on the money for the hospitals as we speak for the ER because we will all have insurance and the rest of the money goes toward the illegals Er visits for free, and if we do not get this man out of office you younger people will have no freedom or privacy at all.

bad man

obama is bad for our country. I feel so sorry for you younger people. Your kids will live in a different country like you never thought possible. The same for Romney he will be bad for this country also watch and see. The last real president we had was Kennedy and they killed him.

The patriot act is a joke it was kept in place to take away our privacy, it has done nothing to stop terrorist to this day. Although it has done plenty for the government. It gives the the right to listen in on you phone calls and track your internet use. One freedom at a time until we say goodby to a country that has been built on freedom. wake Up America.

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