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Women ARE approachable

Some will agree and some won't but as a single 48 year old this is what I would like.


Guys, don't ever be afraid to approach a woman we don't bite contrary to popular belief, unless you are blind drunk and can't put two words together


If you are going to use a cheesy line then make it something that will make her laugh not something sleazy that's a sure turn off. Using your name is great way to start


Age is not so important now days unless of course your'e not of legal age lol so what harm can it do.

Knock backs

Yes it happens but don't let that stop you. Be confident and try someone else.


When women are out together sometimes they just want to enjoy each others company and some may be married and some single. Ask if any of the single ladies might like to dance or offer to buy a drink


Be genuine, women at my age women can spot a player a mile away. Some women like that some don't so be yourself


Manners for want of a better word mean so much in today's society when people are over worked under paid and stressed. When you walk away from a woman if you have been respectful trust me she'll remember

Phone number

Don't ask a woman for her number but give her yours she doesn't know you so why would she give a stranger her number. If your not prepared to give yours then your not serious either and believe it or not women aren't stupid


Keep conversation light and fun, don't get sleazy unless she implies it first because women want to feel safe first and foremost

Nights End

If all has gone well and things have worked out alright ask her if she needs a taxi/cab depending on where you live lol. Make sure she is safe and tell her if you would like to see her again but don't leave her hanging.


Let me know guys if this was of any help :)

I hope this had helped the men out there that aren't sure what women want. We really aren't that difficult to work out as long as yougo about things the right way :)

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This list may work on a real date up close and personal
yet what can you offer regarding long distance relationships
which makes up most of the population on CS
hi, i think your tips were very good but only the men who enjoyed would tell you.the rest might have some issues with themselves
Good job! Dont let the nerves or the ego get in the way of saying "hi" to a lady, boys!
I think women are extremely complicated now days and don't really know what the heck they really want ! They say they want a nice guy but then they find him extremely boring and absolutely no challenge at all . then they drop him like its hot ! But , what they really want is a bad boy that they can control and try to change him into a nice guy that plays fare ,Which isn't going to happen ! Also Portland would be full of beautiful women if they just stop eating so much and quit pigging out ! some of them were so beautiful and then they just completely let them selves go they ought to be a shamed of themselves . They are using food as a anti depressant . It is not healthy in any kind of way it's dangerous . It leads to all kinds of problems , it's gluttony !
Then there are those like me who are too shy to even approach a woman, and who are not chasers. I say hi when women say hi to me, and rarely say hi first.
wow...superb and effective, thank you very much for clear info.women should be treated in a respectful ways, as u said she is not dumb, she expects true care and she deserves it.
Thanks I tried my And you are right we are not slabs of meat, I just feel for the men sometimes because there are the genuine ones out there that need to be given a chance :)
This entry was 'very' well thought out and written! People must date 'smart' these days. Women aren't slabs of meat and shouldn't be treated as such. Tauruslady, you've designed a fine 'blueprint' to navigate the dating waters these days. Thanks! thumbs up
Oh Bard sure you would, dress comfortably if you feel good you feel more confident. If you need to have a beer or glass of mine to give you that boost then do that to,just dont go overboard with the alcohol :)
thanks for the tips. but its all to do with confidence. i'd i have none.
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