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pros and cons of this site

This is an incomplete list of pros and cons of this website. it is incomplete because i have tried several times to publish it without success and had to start over

pro: its free


pro: it works on my phone


pro: didnt have to fish through my email to login


pro: no minimum of characters for the about me section


con: have to keep logging in constantly


con: needs a wider variety of people


con: 3 different inboxes

Cant we get our flowers messages and friend requests in 1 spot?!

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I have profiles on several of these sites and one thing that I have found is that women say they want honesty. I have been honest about medical issues and in return I have gotten ignored, rude remarks and just hate messages. If I didn't say I used a cane or walker these same women would be upset I didn't say in my profile. ALERT I am not perfect neither are you!!!!
There are a lot scammers specially from Africa region
I just discovered this site and Im liking it so far. I enjoy the fact that there are people from all over, one of the few good things about globalization: the cyberworld has no nationality. I appreciate people trying to speak a new language. Ive seen highly educated non native English speakers profiles in the site.
LIVELY WATERS Im sorry but I must tell you that your comment came across a bit...rude. You might need to find an "all American" singles site? Or is this an American (and only) website and I m not aware of it?

Saludos, and thanks Dillana for your pros/cons little article.
I find a LOT of pros to this site. There are so many things to do and one of the best single sites I've ever found.

Now, to me one of the biggest CONS is finding so many people from outside the US. Where are all the Americans? I also HATE it when someone posts a blog or thread and can't speak English enough to make some damned sense. I have seen some of the most ridiculous threads, blogs and comments from people outside the US, that it is starting to chip away at my tolerance level!

GEEZ...LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH PROPERLY, OR DON'T USE IT AT ALL!!! Most of what these people say makes no sense at all and makes them sound STUPID! doh doh

But overall, I really am enjoying the site. I know I will like it even more once I learn my way around.

Thanks for the thread...good one. wave wave
Good list, Raytheon. Do you happen to work for Raytheon, by any chance? grin
You are so right raytheon 1thumbs up cheers moping let's ' wait and see'
wave batting
yay Pro: So many great activities to get involved in!
Con: Needs more 'genuine' members, and mass reduction on fake/scammers!
Great Top 10, thanks! thumbs up
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