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10 relationships that are doomed to fail

Some men need to come with a warning label: "This man is not for you. Side effects include misery, depression, trouble, and heartache."


This guy spends so much time at work, he doesn't have time for you. How are you to build a relationship with a man who prefers work to you?


Addiction can be anything from drugs to gambling, from video games to the Internet, and everything in between. Again, the addiction will be more important to the addict than you might be willing to cope with. He won't have time for you.

Jealous man

Avoid this kind at all cost. Sooner or later, this type will start to control you. He'll check up on you throughout the day, he'll want to keep you only to himself, he won't let anyone else near you, and worst of all, you may very likely become a victim of domestic violence at some point.

Adrenaline junkie

The man is always on a "high" of excitement, always looking for that next extreme sport or activity. It might sky diving, bungee jumping, running from the police, robbing banks, or whatever. For this man, life means nothing unless he is doing something extreme. You can only put up with this for so long before you realize that, for most people, this is not a normal way to live.
Also, when he's not doing extreme stuff, he might be depressed, which is difficult to live with.

Previous love

If you had a crush on somebody in the past, and years later try to pick up where you left off, you are very likely to fair in the attempt. In this amount of time, both of you have changed, some for the better, some for the worse. Trying to rekindle something from the past can be very hurtful. It's time to move on.


Dating a celebrity can be tough. Not only does a male celebrity naturally attract women, but you also have to wade through all his fans as well. Yes, some women make it through to become the wife, but realistically, how often does this really happen And is it really worth the trouble?


Now this is one man not to fall for. You can ruin a doctor's reputation by going with a doctor, since doctors and patients are not supposed to "mix it up."
Doctors can get into a lot of trouble over this.


Unless, and until, a man is truly divorced, he is off limits to you. You will only reap disappointment if you pursue a man who is not yet divorced. And, what if you did catch him? If he left his wife for you, he could leave you for another, also. In addition, it takes some healing time after a divorce before anyone is ready for a relationship again.


This one is a big no-no. Getting involved with a coworker can involve anything from lack of career advancement to being fired, to lawsuits for s*xual harrassment. Don't even think about treading this dangerous quicksand.


Not the best date for anyone. Starting out with someone who had wrong-headed thinking that got the man in jail to begin with doesn't sound like the best idea for a date, does it?

Avoid these ten types of men, and llook for a happy life with a real man who will truly love you and only you.

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You are right.. This all makes sense ... wow
I do not mind a workaholic. It is quality time that matters
All true but a doctor May be just in your social scene and you're not their patient . Also I think lots of people meet through work .
This concept and over used cliche of a 'real man' is nothing but that; an abused cliche...So because a man may possess any of these 'unfortunate' attributes he is not 'REAL'...Please: Such life attributes are not what makes a person real (assuming real applied in this context mean genuine, altruistic, level-headed etc.

So what if a woman has these same conditions? Does that make her unreal? Hell no! Whilst I understand the valid points being made, we should endeavor to (1) Know thyself [Many of the faults we see in others are a reflection of our very selves in the mirror; and we disdain such things] (2)Strive to appreciate people - not every one is a good fit, and yet people can have is messy at times. (3) THINK critically - Do not categorize people on the basis of irrational, surface level notions...Humans (even the list of us are much more complex than some box myopic minds would want to ascribe)
thanks for educating me! peace.
Well done l loved it? Well written well "said". It helped me a lot because I been dating these kinds of men they were all trouble a lot of my time wasted now I know what too look for on connecting singles now that's a bunch take care Great Author.teddybear peace yay yay cheering cheering banana
thumbs up
yes hugger a indeed a good one, but also this does have the same wisdom for us guys too applied by the inverse in that switch or change it too a woman, it can apply too a man it will apply to a woman too!.

Although I humbly disagree about past loves a friend of mine got back together with an old flame and have been married very happily for now going on 10years. But I think that you were going 50/50 in that bit of wisdom!
handshake cheers
You're welcome, and good points in your post.
Wow you hit the nail on the head. Ive just finished a long relationship and feel somewhat able to 'date' not get involved until im truly healed. The amount of men online who describe themselves [probably women too in fairness] as 'separated' but when you find out more, you realise that its not even a legal separation. That for me, means, I'm going out with a married man, a man whose living in the twilight zone, afraid to make the move, and yet wanting the joys of being intimate.
~~~ Just another little one, if I may be so bold.... The Widower, [cant speak about widows] this is a minefield, as ive just found out. Staying over weekends with this man can mean [as in my case ] you are faced with a house full of her pictures [its not jealousy its just after 7years you expect maybe one but not all over the house, clothes in the closet and, her clothes and old perfume bottles around. Then theres the kids, as in the Adults, they like you until you get 'very close' and then when they see their 'dad' so happy, they begin to resent you. Ive really found that painful and at the end, he broke up with ME over the adult kids or 'family' that didnt fully accept me. So! you take on a widower, you take on his adult kids [as in 40s , 30s who see you as trying to take over their mums place ] which you wouldnt dream of even wanting to do.
Thanks for your great advise .
You're welcome.
Very well written. Im impressed and thank you for your list.
thumbs up
I agree with you on all of them, except two. Workoholics and doctors. Here's why: Usually professional people are workoholics, otherwise they wouldn't be successful. Only after they're established in their position do they get a chance to take it a little easier.

Yes, these types of men are not for every woman. A needy woman who must have the man at home all the time and needs a lot of attention or doesn't have a career of her own would not do well with a man like that. If a woman has a career of her own, she'll appreciate a man who has his own interests outside the relationship.

Still, good post :-)
Thank you, Hans and 22. Glad to be of service. Yes, I know what you mean. If only we knew then what we know now.
Very sound advice!
I wish you'd written this a long time ago - when I started out on the dating scene.
I have been out with men that fall into some of the categories on your list - they all ended in disaster.
Hi Hugger,

Well done mate...

You might also mention that a Doctor's wife will always play second fiddle to his patients because he's likely to get called out at all hours, usually at the most inconvenient time.

Thank you so much! Very much appreciated.
thumbs up thumbs up Huggerman, you hit it right out of the 'ballpark' with this one! Very well thought out, and well written to boot! Awaiting your next one! dancing
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