Why men FREAK OUT after one month of dating ???

When you think that everything goes well, the unexpected occurs!!!

He doesn't finished his previous marriage/divorce/relationship.


He is afraid to get hurt again.


He prioritize work instead of relationship.


He already knows to much about your future plans.


He think you are a "gold digger".


He reveals himself by being "mr popular".


He refuses communication in order to solve issues.


He just like playing around with other people feelings.


He is not flexible/ extrovert.


He doesn't deserve you.




In my opinion if the guy doesn't call you or getting in contact with you in 2 weeks, is time to move on.
There are plenty of fish in the water.
Next time be smart and choose/ let them choose you wisely.

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You need to define "one month of dating". For the vast majority of couples that means a month of sex.
Men instinctually lose respect for women they have seduced. They ignore their own feelings of degraded self worth after their s*xual escapades, instead usually mindlessly pursuing another to temporarily (and we do mean VERY temporarily!) fulfill present feelings of emptiness.
Of course if the man has moral standards he won't have sex before marriage and this would be avoided.
A long time ago we were given some very sound advice:
Don't have sex before marriage.
It works. Yes its hard but so is marriage. So anything you can do to help your marriage is probably worth it. The problem is people don't appreciate each other enough. Its basic human nature. Its something we all have to work on every single day.
I have yet to ever meet a woman who in describing a past relationship wished they had sex earlier. "Yes, Bob was nice. We got along great. So much fun to have a new guy in my life. I just wish we had slept together sooner." Never heard that yet.
Then there's the issue of all the s*xual diseases out there. Condoms do break.
Then there's the issue of how dull sex is when so many of your sensations are obliterated because of that piece of plastic between you and her. Before I got my head on straight with sex I made the same mistakes mentioned above One time my girlfriend had to go off the pill for a while and we had to use a condom. I couldn't believe how awful it felt. My first reaction was "Why bother? I can only feel a fraction of what I did before!" And to think people are risking catching so many diseases by trusting a condom that can break, that degrades the s*xual experience so much? Seems like a very poor choice.
Yes, you can make a better choice.
If a man cannot wait he either has little self control or doesn't value you or women in general (most likely). Either way that is not husband material. That is not someone who is worth your time or your emotions.
Yes you are correct I have no time to play games or date a man who doesn't know what he wants. To answer your question I think men just freak out at the idea of commitment after thinking it through or perhaps they walk away because they thought they would get laid and it isn't happening. Who knows? Either way you will find someone better, who will not freak out, don't waste time thinking of these boys. Best of luck!
To be honest with you and not beating around the bush, women are exactly the same, and this is because we have reached to the point that nothing else matters except the satisfaction of being layed with as many as we can get... Over or Under. You cannot deny the fact that you are not falling just for any body but want a particular somebody to fill you up with your mind´s best imagining. I should also say that it would be also to your advantage to be free and have that freedom at hand and use it to your best satisfaction, Why tie yourself to one person alone?,,,
It depends on what the situation is and being that I don't know what is happening. I regret to inform you of what his intentions are, but the best answer is to ask that person and if they don't want to communicate with you than it wasn't meant to be in the first place and it's there loss. so no need to worry yourself
Different issues create different necessities(also s*xual) in people and our societies never ever were as uneven as are these days.
The truth is that very few men know what they want..."don't know what to want" is a social disease(epidemic).

If man you get in relationship with doesn't know what is it that he wants(unless he wants to jump in your pants and right out again), you will suffer confusion(this can cause quite a trauma in an individual, but on average less in males vs females). I suggest you to keep calm(please smile also and not only keep calm) and continue to do what you do(date) till you find the right one or the right one finds you(its the same).
That's funnier than shit"" lollll,,, but some of those seen true !
Understanding, communication and biology. From my experience men fall too quickly into love and romance. They experience lust, desire and wish to act on those intentions. A women needs time to fall into love. She needs to fall into the idea of love and love it. Once she gets to a point of where the man once was a month ago his reality has surfaced. She isn't perfect. She isn't the same and his illusion falters and he reflects on the situation. Should I stay or should I go? A true test of love is when things are bad not good times. Face it you are going to have short term relationships with men. You live in a society where you must compete for men. Maybe it's you, something you said or did that caused him not to want you.
Hes not good enough to reach his goal!
Because they've found out that their girlfriend is a b*tch.laugh
Wow! What a lot of "guff" I have read above. When are you guys and girls going to learn the concept of Like, Light and then Love? It comes in stages.

Lesson learned from good experience is that when you meet the girl or guy, You must first become Friends. Yes! FRIENDS! After Friendship comes other things. Either you will break off the friendship for some silly reason or you will enjoy your friendship because He / She wants to see more of You and that could be the start of a wonderful friendship after about 3 months.

Do you believe in Love at first sight? I do, but in these too modern times it is very rare.

Ladies and Gemtlemen, Don't freak-out. Persavere is the way to go and the important lesson to learn, is not to rush into things, because that is when things get " scary " for some folk. Why indeed scary? A simple answer indeed! He / She is married or in a love tangle with someone else.

The best way forward for Girl or Guy, Is to be honest from day one and don't be afraid to tell your story to her or him. Honesty should be Your best policy at all times.

When does FOREPLAY begin. Does any modern or old folk know the true answer to this question? No. It does not begin in the bedroom as so many people believe, The true answer is..........Foreplay begins the moment you set eyes on each other for the first time.

Best wishes to all the Ladies and Gentlemen on this very friendly dating site.

Timber05 from Johannesburg, South Africa.
i have been married to a guy who told his next wife we had nothing. He married me to stay out of jail. Give me a break ... His court was BEFORE our marriage & he got brobation. lol
How about he just cannot cope because his girlfriend died 10 years ago. He just wants a friend to have sex with. Like ... lol
I promise you not all men are like that
And time will heal your wounds
I have been through this myself
It has taken me five years to learn that I can trust a lady again
And see its not fair to tar everyone with the same brush
Mr right is out there for you
And you will find him when the time is right

I wish you all the very best with your search
You deserve the best and you will find the best
hahahafrustrated frustrated frustrated beer beer
Were you dating movie stars or what? For only them would freak out with beautiful women.
yes dating.... you got that right as you see in my profile I'm looking ...However there are some points !!

and mainly is:

- if there is no s*xual atraction within 2 days , there is something wrong with the relationship !!

that me peace
hi iam looking a girlfrnd
So relieved to see that i'm not the only woman going through this lol Most of the men i've encountered on these dating sites......are not honest bout what they want and 'lead you on' to leave you hanging. Don't understand why they bother to put any time into this. And all of them want more pics..... wtf! Just a little frustrating to say the least.
So relieved to see that i'm not the only woman going through this lol Most of the men i've encountered on these dating sites......are not honest bout what they want and 'lead you on' to leave you hanging. Don't understand why they bother to put any time into this. And all of them want more pics..... wtf! Just a little frustrating to say the least.
So relieved to see that i'm not the only woman going through this lol Most of the men i've encountered on these dating sites......are not honest bout what they want and 'lead you on' to leave you hanging. Don't understand why they bother to put any time into this. And all of them want more pics..... wtf! Just a little frustrating to say the least.
Lol sweet hear the ones frick out is the gays u hanging out with, month or 2 or 3 I will still be banging her, thats soft crap men will frick out.
Hey Guys, The Sign Above My Archway in my House, Say's It All:
"I Want A Woman In My Life ... But Not In My House" !!!!! handshake
they should freak out in the 2nd month then confused or is there never a right time to do so frustrated
Well done! If I didn't know any better I would think you must have dated the same guy I just broke up with! lol! I think all but maybe one was in the mix of his reasons for why he felt I should basically forget about him, and should instead go out with other guys who will be "better for me."

And get this...He, not I, used the word to describe himself... "Egotist." But the funny thing is he is about the sweetest & almost most polite egotist I have ever met! Haha!

In his list of reasons... that I had to be a bit confrontational with him to get strait from his mouth, (can you say evasive)? really did ultimately amount to your #11 reason. As he put it he was, "Overwhelmed." Another way of admitting he was "Freaking Out" because he is a very HIGH Stressed, Success and Money Hungry type person whose attempting to start his own Real Estate related business all by himself, too much to do, too little time just for him to do that, and especially in light of the fact he has very high and unrealistic demands on himself and others too when it comes to Success and the amount of time to achieve said success.

Then I came along, we have a very strong mutual attraction, but countering that is the fact he thinks too much,& constantly thinks he should feel guilty that he can't spend the time and give me the attention he himself felt I needed/deserved. Can You say overstress Perfectionist?

Then there was another problem... he is very much with the lack of umph a lot of 40+ dudes have that are also overworked and stressed, and what is worse, he would get too excited by me/my body at the ummm most not great time... you know when, and it did mean he was always ending things well & satisfied, but very quickly and very much out of breath and exhausted, and me, not complaining, but honestly left unsatisfied, and with still more energy and tingling for more more more!!! Lol!

So, That is the sum of it all.

See Ladies...It is REALLY not all about US! In fact, MOST of the Reasons for Pulling Back Hard or Breaking things off Suddenly after they seemed totally in Love and Lust with us "Wonderful Women" before the 2 or 3 months, has more to do with things going on in their (MEN'S OWN MINDS) and their own stressors and other lifestyle factors. And the typical "fear of commitment" is but 1 of many "issues" they are having to try to get a grip on and deal with.

There is really NOTHING we Women can do to help them NOT "Freak Out" over all that stuff. All we can do is give them and ourselves a break from all Their drama and feeling "Overwhelmed" and then just hope & / or Pray that sooner or later, either that certain seemingly "Lost LOVE/ Soulmate" fellow will get to a better place mentally and spiritually someday, and maybe there will be a second chance at a better future time with them, and in the meantime, continue looking and Loving until a Wonderful and READY for a Real, Lasting, Loving, Healthy Relationship MAN comes along. Maybe it will be a man from the past, maybe and more likely is will be some NEW MAN We had never seen/met before! hug heart wings
Best Wishes to ALL Looking for "The One!"
the real truth is that the n. 2 is much more important than the sum of others 9!

have a great day and...just be yourself!
Why have sex within a few days or months of meeting. Take time and nurture the relationship before plunging into sex. Why rush? You will have it for as long as you live anyway...this is if it is MR & MRs RIGHT. No body ever died for lack of sex? heard of any? Gals if you start sleeping around with men you will end up sleeping with the entire CS!!he! He! spiritual advise.
What I don't understand is that a lot of men will stop emailing you, without explaining why. Are men cowards and bury their heads into the sand rather than come out with the truth. They don't think it's going to work. i have been in the situation where i am worried something has happened like an accident etc. MEN. just tell the truth.
Thank you all for the advices and comments...It took me a while but I moved on with my life i ve learned from mistaks and you should do the same..


Have a great day!!!!
Personally I think that knowing you not into the person to just be honest and say 'don't think things are gonna work out between us' - the recipient has a choice and a reason to move on without feeling as if they did something wrong - that goes for either.
well its hard to describe, but i think enough less than month to find out what kind of person you meeting :) Well for me maybe :)
is this how u look at a breakup if so piece of advice growup!!!
can u fall in love in 3 month .ithink to soon .get to know her first .
dont judge me before try me
You should have addressed it to both genders as your list is what i witnessed in my last encounter with a woman,excluding the goldigger which is what she was looking for.She was a taker and not a giver.The dynamics have changed in the 40+ year bracket as i have noticed it seems the love and romance has been traded for companionship,security,and sex. Your not suppose to feel bad when you give flowers to a woman,I guess its to intense for some. So wow, I just dont know,maybe the romantics should wear a pinkie ring on the left hand for identification
Well, one can always propose a top ten to answer the why on your top ten list. A list of a list. I've written this one on bathroom walls where I am well known and gotten quite a few laughs. This particular list I call, 'The Boot List'. There is also a 'maybe list' a 'keeper list' and a '69er list' that I do; rather from a man's point of view:

The Boot List

1. Can burn water without really even trying.
2. No sex ever, not even on birthdays.
3. Wears stupid hats with ducks on there and bug eyed sunshades.
4. Stands in front of TV and explains things during football.
5. Backside is at least 2 axe-handles in width.
6. Drinks ALL the beer.
7. Still has money, because there are still more checks.
8. Paints those toenails more colors than a Skittles bag has.
9. Looks down and can't make line of sight on those toenails.
10. Appears on Jerry Springer more than once and you still don't know who she's been with.
cos romance turns bitter after one month
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