Top 5 traits of a good man

a list of traits I believe all men worth dating have.


You have to respect yourself, and others, and especially the woman in your life


You have to be able to commit and be faithful to one woman.


You have to have a plan and goals in your life that you are working towards. Sitting on the couch playing video games all day every day isn't going to cut it!

A good sense of Humor



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perfect thumbs up
I don't know why but as I read this list I compared the same traits from a mans point of view and they are also just as valid...The only one I had trouble with was "ambition" One of my biggest fears and even resentments is the lop sided expectations within the aspects of ambition...It is far and few between when a relationship fails because of a woman's lack of personal ambition, while a man's ability to produce is often a requirement...This seems to be somewhat superficial... understandable but yes unbalanced and superficial if generally speaking.
I would add reliability & self-sufficiency to that list. Who needs a man they have to baby-sit? wave

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