Top 5 Stupid Things Men Do That Turn Off (most) Women

It's amazing how dumb one has to be to actually do these things. But it happens - a lot. This is taken from my own observations and stories from ladies who have encountered these types of men. Here's what I feel are the top 5 things men do that keep them alone and celibate...or at the very least an endless cycle of short term relationships.

Sending Nude Pics

Yeah, need I say more...even if your member is a monster, the type of woman responding to one of these is likely to leave a permanent bacterial memory of your little intimate conquest.

Being Self Centered

A guy who talks entirely about himself (especially in the 3rd person) doesn't get to know who you are is likely not going to last longer than a 2 minute pleasure threshold or second date...

Comparing You With Past Relationships

It's hard to feel special when you are thinking he's wanting you to be like someone else. There's a right and wrong way - and time to talk about this.

Talking About Sex Immediately

Hmmmm, it would seem the 2nd (and much smaller) man brain could take a break when getting to know someone initially. If she wants to F**k, it will come up - so give it a rest.

Writing Lame Messages To Women

We all have our moments of greatness and stupidity, but men who don't put at least a little thought into a message sent to a woman are pretty much limited to the craigslist-ish bottom dwellers.

Get a clue, dingus!! What do YOU think?

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At least we know that there is at least one good man here who isn't self absorbed or sex deprived. On the other hand, I'm sure that there are plenty of men who could tell horror stories based on their interactions with some women that could make your hair curl.
Bottom line, don't judge, suppose or take for granted that everyone will act upon their worst behaviour. Some people are dolts because of anxiety or nervousness and want to kick themselves after the fact. IF there is a second chance and nothing changes, give 'em the boot - male or female.
At the end of the day, women would give a man a hard the sense that because she went through a couple bad eggs..some women develop the mentality that all men are the same..and so she makes the next man who comes into her life pay the consequences of that and in so doing ends up pushing him away...and when he goes away, takes that to mean he was just after sex and left because he found she was taking too long to give it up...When that wasn't the reason at all...Women want a man who is financially stable and I get that...but things are really hard now and because a man may not be sprawling with money doesn't mean he's not a nice guy....In these times BOTH parties have to make ends meet and not just ONE alone....If women don't want men to look at them for just where their legs join....WHY we as men should accept women looking at us for ONLY on how much money we could fork out on them as if we don't have our own financal responsibilities to deal with?.....If you got screwed up in your past am highly sorry for that..but DON'T rub it off on me, as am sure if a man went through a bad past, you WOULDN'T like him to rub it off on you......There are men who put their best foot forward even with the limited resources they have and some women wouldn't notice or appreciate that at all.....Am FED UP of women bashing men when some of the SAME things y'all bash us for is caused by YOU!
When men are emotionally conquered,lights are off and it mean they are partially mad to do the right
Jeez and u wonder y u say theres a better chance of something laying eggs in ur living room well ur a jerk i can see y ur still aloneyay
women should shut the fcnk upprofessor
I also agree. I heard it said to put your best side first. Eventhough, the ultimate goal in a relationship leading to marriage is "all that stuff" mentioned above, sharing it with someone you are not married to is being unfaithful to the one who you could marry.

And even if it was the one you want to marry, why risk losing the best thing you could ever have just for a cheap thrill.

And anyone who responds to those types of behaviors...well..they should just use the "intimate encounter" feature of this site to find someone who wants to participate, and leave the rest alone.

I would rather wait until I find a keeper and make it official by marriage. Then "our stuff" is free for the giving, and worth receiving.
I agree with these 5 ...cheering
well done I hope all the men read tis and take note
true, and than there is also dont be overly forceful in making them believe your viewpoint. applause
6. Picking his nose.
7. Absent-mindedly picking between his toenails before sex, when the shoes and sox come off.
8. Picking HER nose.
9. Peeing on the toilet seat.
10. Hitting on her mother.
Hey, any Babes out there wanna hook up and get it on? I'll send a sexy pic ;)

Seriously, come on. I'm raring to go.
Hey, any Babes out there wanna hook up and get it on? I'll send a sexy pic ;)

Seriously, come on. I'm raring to go.
I don't send nude pics or compare anyone on this site with my exes. The last woman that I would want to get to know is someone that is like my one of my ex girlfriend.
I think everyone is a gift self centered. Its to what degree one is. I understand that one that is self absorbed is probably a sociopath.
I'm guilty of lame messages. I'm trying to get your attention. Trying to make you laugh. They all can't be aces. But, I'll work at it.
Not all guys are just looking for sex. Yes we ALL like it. Some of us do want that connection with a woman that is legit. It can be discouraging for men as well. Many of the profiles are the same on these sites. You love to trave!l, family is the most important thing, you're the life of the party, etc. Just a suggestion ladies, those are cliché. Apologies if that offends some of you. It just becomes redundant.
Anyway, I wish all of you the best of luck in your quest.
i agree very much to these 5 points
Why don't more men know this?
I hate being called "pet names" by a stranger...Babe(who was a pig), Angel, Sweetie, I am not someone's sweetie!! lol
I agree....and the worst thing I ever seen on this site was someone that put his privateparts out on pitchure.....barf
I agree.
Men should listen to the woman and think and ask about her life. Instead of making judgment on if they want her or not. I have told men on different dating sites I have a brain concussion and do not like to be asked to have sex when we first meet.
All the men I have talked to in the past from different dating sites would keep asking me to have sex when we first meet or keep asking questions until sex was brought up.
I couldnt agree more on these 5 pointsteddybear
you couldn't have said it better...ahhh these men
Exactly, Well put. Hopefully The men will take notice & step their game up.
Very true!! This man has some insight, these things are such a turn off, and really boring to listen to time and time again!! Finding a man with a little more thought and conversation will go a long way in comparison to a self indulgent, self obsessed twat!! So there you go guys, take a leaf out of this mans book!!
Its cool to see a guy realize these things are not acceptable. Most women are more interested in getting to know a guy and finding out if they click.
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