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10thing woman want man to do with a lady

woman want a man to make a lady feel comfortable and saft:second thing is woman want a respectful man toward a lady :three thing is woman want to be love with her lover:and they also want man not be swag they pant down:the other thing is a lady really want a man to be a gentleman and lovable to they lady

healthy relationship

i want a healthy relationship with that person i want and don't do drugs

safe with him

i want to be with him just in case something go wrong

i need know everything bout him

if im in relationship with him i want to know everything an his life

what his favorite thing

if he have a favorite thing that i like i gonna be him

caring bout that person

he need to be a caring that actually care bout his lover and go away

honest with a lady

if a man is hidding something with his lover he need be honest bout it


i want a gentleman that show me around his place and gave me a chair if we go a restaurant

marriage man

no marriage in my life because he have a wife

taking care with his girlfriend

he need to take care of his girl nomatter what happen


i need a man that always there when i need him

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hiiii......nice thoughts
Hi how are you iam see masege. Is i like you
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