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Deal Breakers

Each person has things that for them would be a deal breaker here are a few of mine.

Commitment Phobics

He lives in another state or country and loves to talk on Skype or e-mails just never makes any plans to meet just makes promises... it's a deal breaker. If your communicating with someone for a month or two and it clicks its time to meet face to face to see if its the real deal. Don't waste months only to find out it's just a game.

He/She is married

This the oldest one I think that most people fall into. He/She says I married and my husband/wife doesn't understand me. I am planning on getting a divorce when my children are older... deal breaker. Run don't walk tell them let me know when you do.

Overly complimentry

compliments are great, we all love to hear them. However when your communicating with someone on line and they are saying I love you after 3 breaker. You may feel an attraction to someone immediately however someone who is emotionally stable is going to want to meet you and spend time with you before professing love.

The blame game

We all have a past and relationships that don't work out for whatever reason. When I hear she did this and that one did that....... deal breaker. It takes 2 to make a relationship work. Take accountability and move on, we weren't compatible works nicely.

The narcissist

Ever been on a date and he/she constantly interrupts you, only wants to talk about themselves...... deal breaker. This is a classic narcissist it only gets worse. If they don't respect you enough to listen to you then why bother.

Brags about how much money they have

People who have money don't brag about it.... deal breaker. Chances are there in debt up to their eyeballs or flat broke.

Wondering Eyes

When your on a date with someone and their looking around or making comments about other people..... deal breaker. When your with someone they should be paying attention to you not everyone else, that's disrespectful.

Wants to go dutch

When a man ask you out he should be willing to pay for it, if breaker. He cheap and that's never a good thing.


If you listen to the person you can get a good idea about if they are negative or positive. Someone who complains about the service, the food, the lighting.... deal breaker. Their negative, this is just the beginning!

Ask how much money you make

When he/she ask how much money you make it should be a deal breaker. This is none of their business unless you are planning your wedding!

If you a dating someone and you know it's a deal breaker don't stick around thinking there going to change, there not move on.

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Being on a dating website with a preplanned deal breaker list is also a deal-breaker for me. Seems they are ready to be negative before they even start.
Yes I will admit that we are no longer physical beings any more but rather spirits and there´s no need for any physical contact. You can have all the lovemaking throughout the world and still be in your bed. Just make sure that you don´t get stuck in any limbo.
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