Not too young, you understand, just young enough to make a woman feel in control, have bags of energy in the bedroom and not die too soon leaving her old and alone.
It will make you feel more in charge
Younger boys are going to try a lot harder to impress you
You can pretend that YOU are younger
He will assume that you know what you are doing
You will spend more time together in your flat because it will be nicer than his
He will be eager to learn from you in the bedroom
He will have more energy in the bedroom
You will have lots more fun
He will go to the gym and have a better body
He will die later than you, so you won't be left old and alone

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Most are pretty good reasons ..lol
I agree with about everything except that younger man dies later. Usually men live 5-10 years shorter than women. Older woman and younger man will pass away just about the same time , unless here is huge age gap - woman older by 15-20 years. I have in my family 9 years older man died and his widow had boyfriend who was 9 years her junior, but recently he passed away as well, and she is alone now...guess if her boyfriend was 12 or more years older they would die at the same time. She is 88 now...
Also mildly disagree about experience in bedroom because it does not depend on your age...
1 If cleaning up after some stupid kid makes you feel "in charge" and not "desperate" ... ok
2 um, no younger guys know older women are an easy lay so they kinda do less.... lots less.
3 um, all women lie about their age and pretend to be younger as a default...
4 no, he will assume you have more money to spend on him so he can play x box...
5 no, he will live in your flat as you will support him...e it will be nicer than his
6 ah... no, see point number 2 (like do you think younger guys never have sex or something?)
7 dunno about you but at 40 I can screw all night
8 More fun you say? so your into x box?
9 again I work out cuz I have to, him... its hit or miss
10 in a normal house you have 1 man and a few women, so if your house hold is proper you will spend your later years having fun with your sisters now that the d*ck is dead, but if your so desperate and clingy you have to keep a man to your self cuz your all jelly, your already ARE alone and will probably remain so.

That is my 2 and a half cents, I am out.
I agree with Mick's comment.....and younger men don't want to marry or have kids early so no......not for me
He'll dump you for a younger model as soon as he's bored!
@peacelilly2 that's deep! sad
Cute...don't know too much about that dying thing. My mom was 50 her guy 25. He died 39 she died 85...
I prefer a young male because people of my age do not have clear ideas.
NICE list got me thinking .... and btw i like a younger guy but BUTT he has to have some degree of inkling what hes doing in bed period i hate a guy who is all clueless i mean really??
Take care and GOOD LUCKapplause
Sweetheart wings
You make some really good points. I am all for it :)
Well, Demi7 I could not respectfully disagree with you more. As someone who has been there,done that, I agree exactly with what he is talking about. As a woman who is a widow that married a much older man everything he said is true. Now I am looking for a younger man. I hope you can understand.
P.S. Age has nothing to do with how mature someone is.
if he needs to learn from the woman in the bedroom he is a waist of time, Not all women want a boy most want a man! u r telling a lot of bull in your list doh comfort
Well, that sounds nice to me...yay heart wings
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