10 qualities about a man that good women like

1. He is not drunk. 2. He is not argumentive. 3. He knows his place, position, and authority in a marriage. 4. he is faithful. 5.He is a man of God. 6. He is not lazy to work. 7. He is not self centered. 8.He lives up to what he says. 9.He is not abusive or aggressive. 10. He is ambitious and loves a good challenge.

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I am a good woman, so I do expect the men that I meet have these qualifications and I am sure that all good women do, so if you are looking for a good woman to marry one day these qualifications will win you to her heart forever.

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I realized men are only after the outside appearance but not the inner soul , they forget that the out appearance fades away , they run for big buttocks , big legs , big breasts etc these things the more you look at them every day the more you get used to them and you start seeing them as every day thing but which is not the case with the inner soul , good character and good morals .
No 11 he's a myth this type of man does not exist
Absolutely ! We as women want all those great qualities in a man
I think 48jojo is right. If we're gonna make a list of the perfect traits, we need to list them for both sexes.
I think you are all missing one major point. Your partner must be your best friend. A good friend will stand by you through thick and thin, and visa versa. That is what I look for in a lady anyway. When we first meet I think, 'do I want you as a friend.' Never mind the romance or sex, that will come naturally, if you become friends.
I agree except religion wouldn't bother me as I'm atheist . I'd add mutual respect and support each other it takes two to make it work but it's good that a woman has a list and doesn't get involved with a drink a cheater etc sigh
i think men seeking love,honesty,wellingness too be intimate often
dear Moonglow33.. I'm not agree with u.. all people not same.. I also like mature women and I respect them.. people mad for money..but they never think they could die anytime..at anywhere.. we all here for a limited period of time. so just love each other and make this place a loving place for next generation. applause
Hmmmmm. The first thing I look for is LOVE & RESPECT.

All I seem to have gotten in 3 sites is men asking for money, taking advantage of older women, & think they are entitled.

Nessie (moonglow)comfort doh
Is that so. Let's discuss it. I'm very eligible. Inbox me. Enjoy your day
What utter balderdash ; what about been well hung !professor
hi how are u dear vgm
I think these are reasonable things to look for or that you find in the person your with but we also needs to be flexible. Now the qualities men want in a woman

Does not cheat
Not just looking for someone to support her
Is not a liar
Does not try to change her man
A loving sharing person
Is supportive of her man
Does not smoke
Likes sex
Not always trying to prove she is smarter
Does not constantly overspend
Willing to contribute in income
A good listener
Most of it is fair enough, but I don't think the 'man of god' is relevant. Some of the so-called men of god have been the biggest crooks, swindlers, philanders and abusers that I have known.
That's a real man and i think the list is fair enough.
What a strange list????????????!!!###!!
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