10 signs that let you know its really over

10 signs to help you realize its time to let go and move on
when they dont call any more
when they see you out but they dont want you to see them
when you leave them a voice mail and they dont call you back
when they give you all the stuff back that you gave them
when you see them with another person at the movies
when delete you out of their contacts in their phone
when you knock on their door when you used to just walk on in
when thay dont tex you back and you know that they got the text
when they see you they dont even wave
when they dont even think about you anymore

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Ummm...yeah..I only need one.

And Harbach---yuz a nasty mug.
it is over now cos he/she let you know, its over when those 10 signs dont bother you no more.........
oh so that what was going on!!! i would have never guess!!frustrated confused
when i bust my load
you are not talking about people in Ohio???????!!!!!!!!!
This kind of people are everywhere all the time.
since you have gone through this....'NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY!"
The next time you select, be very careful.
i agree with your 10 signs that let you know its really over... it hurts but we must to accept and moved on... but u know what im still hoping to be back each others arms... God only knows...
Thank you. After all, We run to God....... wonder. Should i admit that u inspired me to come up with my top10. Honestly, yeah.
You two are rude. Did it cross your minds that she wrote this after finding out the hard way? She's 19 and dealing with idiot men and bad relationships. Back off.

Nice list, I completely agree.
Yea! I would say you could stick a fork in this one. It could'nt be any clearer unless it ran up and bit you on the a**.laugh grin cheers thanks
duh no shit
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