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Top 10 WWE Stars of the Attitude Era

my top 10 Attitude Era wrestlers

Shawn Michaels

#1 goes to HBK Shawn Michaels, the man who started it all as he struck The Undertaker with a chair during his match at summerslam costing undertaker to lose the championship to the hitman, as a result Undertaker challenged Shawn in the first ever Hell In A Cell where Kane made his debut costing Undertaker the match.

Bret Hart

Speaking of Bret, he comes in at number 2, Bret had a short run during the attitude era when Vince McMahon pulled off one of the most famous and most controversial events in WWE Survivor Series 1997 he pulled off the Montreal Screwjob. bret is number 2 because his feud with shawn was a set up to what would come out as the Attitude Era

Stone Cold Steve Austin

speaking of feuds...who will never forget the massive blood feud between the Texas Rattlesnake and the boss Vince McMahon...this beer swilling finger gesturing s.o.b is another staple in this infamous era

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

This man is another staple in the Attitude Era as one of the most charismatic stars of all time, his moveset,entrance music and mic skills alone tell you he is truly ELECTRIFYING

The Undertaker

The Undertaker really took off during late 1998 as a menacing force, feuding with his brother Kane, his rival Mankind, winning many wwe titles, undertaker is at number 5 as he was bigger during the later years of the Attitude era


before Glenn Jacobs was Kane he played as Issac Yankem Jerry Lawler's personal dentist, as mentioned in Shawn's blurb Kane Debuted at Badd Blood in 1997 interfering in His Brother The Undertaker's hell In A Cell Match with HBK, thus building a feud like no other! many times kane tried to kill his brother but he kept coming back

Triple H

from Blue Blood to Degenerate to Mentor all the way to COO of the WWE, triple H alongisde HBK formed what would be one of the most controversial factions in WWE history...D'generation X


this duo i decided needs to share a spot, they basically started teaming in 1999 where as edge debuted in 1998, thes 2 men feuded with people like The Hardys, Team 3D aka The Dudley Boys.

Steve Blackman

The Lethal Weapon has to be number 9 as he was not as looked upon as a star during this time even though many fans enjoyed his Martial Arts style moveset.
also he teamed up with Al Snow to create the team Head Cheese, by far one of the worst tag teams in wwe history

and Finally........Gilberg

gilberg was a rip off of WCW powerhouse Goldberg, this mockery was basically a jab at WCW during the Monday Night Wars, as this was slightly funny at first, after a while it grew stale like John Cena's current gimmick. all joking aside, this man only held 1 title and it was the WWE Light Heavyweight title but was utterly horrendous

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Can't say I know any of these. confused
Except for The Rock but that's coz he's in a lot of movies.
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