Some of mankind's greatest equations

These are some of the most famous equations that every man, woman, and child should memorize, or at least have a sense of what they stand for.

E = m * C * C

Energy inherent in matter and convertible from it is equal to the mass of an object multiplied by the square of the speed of light. This is expressed in Newtons.

a**2 + b**2 = c**2

The sum of the square of the sides of a right-angle triangle is equal to the diagonal side squared.

C = V * T * P

Given an amount of gas in a closed chamber, then if you increase the volume, then product of the temperature the pressure will decrease.

A = pi * r ** 2

Area of a circle is its radius squared times pi

FV(m) = m*(1+i)^N

The future value of an investment of m amount of money which bears i rate of interest per period, in N number of periods.

a = d/t^2

Acceleration is the measure of distance travelled per time squared.

f'(x) = (f(x)-f(d))/f(d) where d is approaching zero

The definition of the derivative of a function

I = V/(R1) + V/(R1) + ... + V/(RN)

The current in a circuit, where the resistors are connected in a parallel fashion.

I = V / (R1 + R2 +... RN)

The current in a circuit, where the resistors are connected in a serial fashion.

If a<b, and b<c, then a<c

One of the corollaries of the law of distribution.

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Regarding 1. on list - energy is expressed in Joules; whereas Newtons are a unit of force.
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