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I guess everyone like a challenge

Why do men prefer high maintenance women they can't keep up with?
Why do we go after what we can't have?
Why play games with someone you really like?
Is pride really worth having when it comes to love?

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2. Why play games with someone you really like? (I smartened up and copied-and-pasted the questions for me to see.) We play games to test the trustworthiness of the other. Relationships are built on trust, and you want to test if that trust is durable. So you play games, set traps, an if the other passes your tests, they're "in". There is another reason to play games with someone you really like: If you concurrently like someone else even more. Then you have the second most liked one dance on the end of a string, as humans are ultimately control-seeking individuals. There is a third reason: they don't really like you, but you believe they do, because you want to believe that, regardless whether they actually say they like you or not. If you believe they really like you, and they play games with you, chances are they like you much less than you believe they like you.

3. Is pride really worth having when it comes to love? -- Again, it's a control issue. If you feel the other is controlling you too much -- plays games, or just automatically is the commanding one in the r'ship (for instance, when to see a movie, where to eat, when to meet, are all their sole decisions without consulting with the other) then the lesser player (for lack of a better word) will resent this, and either his or her pride will put an end to it, or else she or he will suppress the pride, because being with the sweetheart is worth way more in the positive than suffering from being second fiddler in the relationship in the negative. In most cases, the nerves will eventually side with the pride -- you can only take so much control if you are human from somebody else. Being under too much control is too much for everybody.
Char, these are really good questions!! They've been tickling mankind's fancy since day 1.

1. We go for something we can't afford in the hope to raise our social status and because they look attractive. Barking up the wrong tree won't get tiresome until it becomes really tiresome.

I have to come back to you because the second and third questions I can't see (the site design is not showing them to me), so I have to leave this post and look at your top ten list again. I apologize for this sleigh of memory of mine. I can literally memorize only one question at a time.
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