music from the 80's

Best music ever! The 80s
I knew you where waiting/George Michael & Aretha Franklin
in Private/Dusty Springfield
What have I done to deserve this/Petshop Boys
Sun Always Shine on TV/A-ha
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
Phil Colins / Cant Hurry Love
Every Breath You Take / The Police
In the Name of Love / U2
Laura Branigan / Self Control
Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody

They are no in particular order, but these are my ten favourites from many other good artists and groups.

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Best decade all around ever!!!! peace
I grew up in the 80's as I was born in 1970 and music is a huge love of mine! Some of my Fav 80' s songs>>>

Major Tom-Peter Schilling
Dont you forget about me-Simple Minds
Robert DeNiro's waiting-Bananarama
Manic Monday-The Bangles
Mad About You-Belinda Carlisle
Heart and Soul-Huey Lewis
Say it isnt So-Hall & Oates.........Just to name a few

Then there is Hard Rock-Hair Metal and thats for another thread
You cant hurry love, Phil Collins
Through the fire, Chaka Khan

head banger
I was born in 1980 and I used to listen music while growing up. While in 90s I was accustomed to listening in the radio to rock music. While I was in college in the 2000s, pop music and boy bands are deafening in the air with tune of almost copies from other artist and seems like senseless.

By now I preferred and settled again with songs from the 80s. One of the notable English bands that are my favourites and I follow are like Dire Straits (Brothers in Arms), Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here) though disbanded buy their classic songs linger on. I am an avid follower of U2 with In The Name Of Love and a few songs are my favourites.
I love 80s music. Foreigns
#8head banger
I absolutely love 1 and 4 purple heart
I absolutely love 1 and 4 purple heart
Hey, I like your topic but how come music of the 80s without Queen and the great Freddie Mercury peace I hope you find a place in your chart for Another one bites the dust or I want to break free :)
Love this song

Every Breath You Take / The Police
Please feel free to comment and say which song you like most from my selection
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