5 Classy Ways to Go Bra Free

A woman opens to the door to her apartment. After throwing down her keys and dropping her purse, she reaches under her shirt, shuffles around, and after displaying yogi-level flexibility, pulls a bra from her sleeve. She breathes a huge sigh of relief, and perhaps does a joyful dance in celebration of circulation returning to her upper torso.

If you can relate to this scene, you probably wish you never had to wear a bra again. Well, there's good news! First, wearing a bra is not actually mandatory. You will never get arrested for not wearing a bra. Still concerned about making positive social connections and avoiding any awkwardness at work? Keep reading for tips on how to look classy while going bra free.

Wear a Camisole

Wear a Camisole
Camisoles are strappy undershirts for women that typically have a light, stretchy shelf that covers the breasts. You may not count on a camisole for support while running a 5K, but for many women, a camisole provides more than enough breast support for daily activities. If you wear a camisole, it will be very difficult to discern that you are not wearing a bra. Camisoles are also great for accent layering. Use them for minor support, and having a more diverse wardrobe

Wear a Bralette Instead

Wear a Bralette Instead
There's no rule that you have to wear uncomfortable underwires and bulky pushups. Good bralettes are light, non-binding and breathable, while providing enough coverage and support that no one will look at you sideways should you don on a thin blouse.

Invest in Scarves

Invest in Scarves
For small breasts that hold themselves up, bras are pretty superfluous. Small-chested women tend to have less body fat on their rib cage, making bras even more uncomfortable. A scarf is an easy way to jazz up any outfit... and keep your nipples from showing through your shirt.

Layer With Vests and Cardigans

Layer With Vests and Cardigans
Wearing a scarf every day can get old, so mix up your layering techniques with stylish vests and cardigans that you can easily throw on before you head out the door. Look for simple, comfortable layers that drape over the bust area.

Cover Up With Pasties

Pasties aren't just for burlesque shows--they're a great way to preserve modesty when going bra free. Pasties help hide nipples and add a bit of modesty to low cut, fluttery tops.

Prioritize Comfort Over Social Norms
Bras provide no health advantage and have not been empirically proven to prevent sagging. Your decision to wear a bra should largely be based on comfort. Fortunately, if you go the bra-free route, you have plenty of options to look great and stay classy.

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I'm trying to find indoor/outdoor lingere' for a woman who's bras are bigger than my hats...

Nothing like the women in the pictures I see you talking about...

Any recommendations?
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