Ten reasons why woman dump a man.

Why a woman dumps a man.

He is not respectable.

He talks about sex first meeting you.

He never calls

He tells you he will call but never does.

He talks about himself always

Over talking of self.

He talks about his ex girlfriend.

Comparing you to her.

Has poor maners.

Eating loud, letting gas, not gentleman.


Doesnt want to spend money on you. Ask if you will pay the bill.

He is telling you want he expects of you and demanding you do as he says.

Doesnt let you be you and make own decisions.

He judges your words and speaks for you.

Always making decisions for you.

Ask you to marry him on first communication without knowing who you are.

Tells you he loves you and Doesnt know you.

He tells you he doesnt need to know you.

He tells you meet other men.

Tell him your sorry, we just don't connect.

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Maybe was the reason that you jump your men ......

Cause 90 % of the women’s even they have everything they still want more

My after 15 years I lose my job but she want more money so she cheated on my with my best friend

So there are a thousand excuses why a woman dumped her man

Thank you ....
What happened to accepting someone for who they are? You mean to tell everyone that it's okay for women to treat men like they are no good for them due to a natural function of the human body? Or just because they misspell words? Wow you left out the size of his junk or not being athletically toned and good looking. In life people face problems and it might not be someone's fault or maybe they were born that way. People need to stop being so darn picky. Women claim they want love so we give it to them, but for some reason it's not good enough and they want more things. I don't mean any harm, these are things I've encountered either myself or consoling good men. Sorry for venting. It's like no one respects the vows they took. Men aren't perfect, but we could be with a woman by our side. That's why it's called "a better half". We find out our strengths and weaknesses in each other and help each other.
No idea , don't even know how women dump a man wine
To tell you the truth, all of the above, but I can't seem to get past reading profiles that have questionable grammar choices. I may have my own errors but it seems that there is so much read into the way one is perceived just from these profiles.doh
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