Top 12 Stylish Items to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring 2018

Top 12 Stylish Items to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring 2018
Fashion trends are constantly changing, but you don't have to buy an entire wardrobe to be fashion forward each season. These 12 items are perfect for updating your wardrobe so you can step out in style this spring.

A White Blouse with Puffy Sleeves

Puffed sleeves are being seen on shoulders of all types. Choose a white blouse that you can wear with pants or a skirt. The sleeves should be puffy but structured with a style that is more reminiscent of Victorian times than the 1980s.

A Pair of Platform Sneakers

Choose sneakers that add two or three inches to your height. You can go with a pair in a neutral color or something fun with a pattern or stripes on the platform.

A Bright Yellow Dress

A Bright Yellow Dress
Bright colors are extremely popular this year, and a yellow dress is a must-have. Make a statement with a bright sunny color in any style or length.

A Trench Coat with Fun Details

The trench is still a classic, but the modern trench coat features cute or whimsical elements like ruffles, big buttons or multiple belts.

A Structured Fanny Pack

The fanny pack is back in a big way. Also known as a belt bag, this practical accessory is no longer something to mock. Choose a fanny pack that has a definite shape and looks like a small purse strapped around your waist.

An Oversized Pink Shirt

An Oversized Pink Shirt
You'll see long shirts this season, sometimes paired with loose belts. Find one in bright pink to rock two trends in one piece.

A Clear, Plastic Windbreaker

Clear plastic is a stand-out trend this year in accessories like jackets, bags and even shoes. Wear this look in a clear raincoat with a colorful trim.

A Pair of Matrix Sunglasses

A Pair of Matrix Sunglasses
Shield your eyes from the sun this season with small sunglasses in a thin, slanted shape that comes to an upturned point on the edges. Frames should be a neutral color like black or steel gray.

A Lavender Blazer

Lovely lavender is a hit this spring, and the color looks both feminine and sophisticated on a lightweight blazer. This is also a great hue for a full pantsuit.

A Newsboy Cap

Top of your look with a cute cap. The newsboy or baker boy hat is a cute shape for almost any head and can be worn with a variety of outfits.

A Purple Velvet Handbag

Purple velvet is dominating accessories this spring. Choose a mid-sized bag in a deep, jewel-toned purple.

A Pair of Dark Jeans

Denim is going dark this season. Invest in a pair of jeans in a blue so dark that it's almost black. You'll be able to wear them with almost anything, including a matching denim jacket.

You can dress in trending styles without a wardrobe overhaul. Simply choose some fashionable pieces to mix with classics you already own. These 12 trends are a perfect way to bring your look up to date.

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