My Top 10 Celebrity Crushes

Ok - everyone has at least 1 celebrity crush. I happen to have more than 1. Lol

The Twilight Boys (Rob pattinson, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli)

Ok ok - I know that there as many Twilight Haters out there as there are fans. But seriously - those guys are gorgeous :) And I thought I'd lump them all in as one - just so the haters don't have to read anymore than they really need to.
Considerate aren't I?

Jonas Armstrong

Anyone seen the BBC series Robin Hood? No? Watch it - immediately. The man has charm oozing out of his skin :P
The latest of my celeb crushes

Scarlet Johanson

Hello? Have you seen this girl? She is stunning. I would swap teams for her in a heartbeat :)

Pete Wentz

Love a rocker boy - even if he does wear make-up. The boy is FINE!

Hugh Jackman

Doing all Aussies proud. This man is a prime example of hunky man-meat beefcake.

Justin Timberlake

The man can sing, dance and act. And then there's that BODY!!!

Marilyn Monroe

The original sex symbol. It's all in the curves....

Vin Diesel

Even though he's getting older - the man is still hot. It's the combination of all those muscles - with that sexy, deep husky voice.

Steven Strait

Another not-so-well-known hottie. Check out the movie The Covenant. Ah - this one is all about the eyes and smile :)

Toss up between Jon Bon Jovi and Eric Bana

On the one hand we have a gorgeous Aussie - on the other hand, an older rocker - with the nicest butt in leather pants that I think I have ever seen....
Your thoughts/

Ok everyone - there we have it.

Feel free to list your own celebrity crush underneath :)

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Richard gere ( when he was younger)
Luke wilson
David ducovny ( when he was in x-files)
Matt boomer ( if he is not gay. In fact he is a gay)
Edward burns
Mark harmon
Jason bateman
Clive owen
Bradley cooper
Hugh grant
Tom cruise

11 guys
Robert Pattinson is my #1..despite his age :)
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1. JUDE LAW!!!
2. Bradley Cooper
3. Justin Long
4. Hugh Dancy
5. Matthew Goode
6. Hugh Jackman
7. Hugh Grant
8. Channing Tatum
9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
10. Jim Sturgess
1. Mira Aroyo
2. That's itheart beating
OMG Hugh Jackman is the sexiest thing I have ever seen... have you watched Austrailia? UGHHHHHHH blushing love
Steven Strait in the Covenant omg he was just too much to handle!!! So damn sexy!!
Isn't Vin D Gay???
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